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The year is coming to an end, and a new one is dawning upon us. It is at this stage in every year that most people become pensive and contemplative, aware of the year that has just past us and of the things we have achieved and those we have not done.

Much has happened at all corners of the world throughout this year, but what has happened to you?

Have you become a better colleague, student, father, person? Did you step up to the challenges that stood in your way? Did you go deep into something you weren’t sure about, taking the leap of faith and trusting your creativity?

These are the thoughts that sprang up in my head after watching this (almost too) brilliant video marketing the book “Unthink” by Erik’s Wahl — a book on re-discovering the creativity that we all have within us. After all, many problems are solvable if only we think creatively.

The video masterfully used children to portray courage and starry-eyed wonder that all of us once had. Over time, I guess, we have left some hopes deemed too idealistic behind us and few ever look back.

Let this video inspire you for the year before us. May you rekindle that creativity that has been dormant long enough inside.

Hmm, perhaps Chuck Norris saw this video when he decided to challenge Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split.

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