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Hello there, Vulcan Post readers! In case you didn’t know, we started three new weekly series recently. The CEO Series revolves around entrepreneurs and how they become great CEOs, and tips on how to be influential leaders in your business and place of work; To Fridays are personal and intimate stories that hope to give you some encouragement and love, no matter what you’re going through; and our Kickstarter Pick Of The Week highlights interesting crowdfunding projects that we love, like this creative bottle!

As for our other ongoing series such as Apps I Live By, last week we spoke to Simeon Cho, the general manager of LINE about the apps that he needs to use every day. We also tackle humourous and serious issues with comics in our weekly Comics Series, check out last week’s take on the benefits of having a quarter-life crisis.

We have plenty of exciting and interesting articles for you from last week. We know you would want to read about this amazing Malaysian student who does wonders with his hands by transforming wood pallets into furniture you’d love, and also about the new online shopping site Julyta where you can get your hands on affordable designer clothing.

Go on then, don’t be shy, time to get updated!

Exclusive Interviews With Awesome People:


Math Meets Neopets: Singaporean Startup Creates Game-Based Learning

Can’t Earn Cash Through Online Shopping? Bonusbay Wants To Prove You Wrong.

Apps I Live By: General Manager Of Global LINE Business, Simeon Cho

24-Year-Old M’sian Student Transforms Boring Wood Pallets Into Amazing Furniture

New Online Shopping Site Julyta Is The Answer To Affordable Designer Clothing!

Opinion Pieces Worth Reading:

A student renting his girlfriend, just so he can afford the new iPhone 6. Image credit: Stomp Singapore
A student renting his girlfriend, just so he can afford the new iPhone 6. (Image credit: Stomp Singapore)

8 Types Of People Who Were In Line For The Apple iPhone 6 Launch

Kickstarter Pick Of The Week: Memobottle, Feeds You Water While Saving The Environment

Android One Phones Introduced In India Could Have Been Priced Better

[COMICS] Dear Millennials, The Quarter-Life Crisis Is Good For You. Trust Me.

The Joke’s Gone Too Far: Facebook’s Relationship With Satire News

[CEO Series] Mark Cuban, Owner of Dallas Mavericks: Look For The Path of “Least Resistance”

To Fridays: #2 — Like You Belonged

News And Interesting Scoops From Singapore:


Over 100 Gamers Go Sky-High, Playing Xbox One On Board The Singapore Flyer!

Singapore Army Embraces Wearable Technology To Help NSmen Prepare For IPPT!

S’pore Startup Tries To Be Quirky With Its Job Ad, But Stirs Up A Hornet’s Nest Instead!

Adventure Time! Southeast Asians Secretly Thrillseekers

This Could Be The Best News For People With The Fear Of Needles

News And Interesting Scoops From Malaysia:

Image Credit: Uber.com
Image Credit: Uber.com

JPJ In Malaysia About To Hunt Down Private Cars Used By Uber

Malaysian Youngsters Are More Affected By Internet Addiction Than You Think

Troll Snatch Thieves With These Hilarious Smartphone Covers!

Why A M’sian Call Center Commercial Received Negative Backlash In The Philippines

Zeus Has Arrived In Malaysia, And It Wants Your Money

News Related to Phones and Gadgets:

The actual Pocket Drone will look like this
The actual Pocket Drone will look like this. (Image Credit: ThePocketDrone)

Apple And U2 Secretly Working On New Way To Revolutionize Music Buying

3D Pocketcopter: The World’s Smallest Flying Camera

[Breaking] The Next Macbook Air Could Be Arriving In 2015 – In Gold!

Google To Work With Unlikely Tablet Maker HTC On Nexus 9

No Matter What This Ad Says, Do Not Microwave Your Phone

The KNFB Reader App Aims To Make Life Easier For The Visually Impaired

Notion Ink’s Long Road To Success, and India’s Answer To The Tablet World

Social Media and App or Website Related News:

Image Credit: Viralgains
Image Credit: Viralgains

Ads On Instagram And 5 Things You Should Know About Them

Salamz Will Make You Fall in Love Forever, But Not With The App Itself

Job Seekers Might Soon Flock To Temploy, Southeast Asia’s New Job Site!

You Can Now Go Cashless When Riding A Taxi With UberTAXI and Easy Taxi!

Easy Taxi Officially Launches In Cebu: Book A Cab For Free!

New McDonald’s Philippines App Makes It Easier To Order Your Fave Twister Fries

Other News To Catch Up On:

Image Credit: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
Image Credit: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Alibaba: From Hangzhou To New York, And Now To The World

Wondering Why Your Internet Is Exceptionally Slow? Here’s Why! 

Kickstarter Is Backing The Backers, Changes Terms Of Use

Divorced Couples Play Detective, Turn To Illegal Snooping To Win Divorce Cases

Rurouni Kenshin and the Philippines’ Love Affair with the Wandering Samurai

Adorable Beagle That Returns Lost Items Sounds Too Good To Be True. And It Is.

Forget Glee, This Pair Of Brothers Will Sing About Anything – Even Facebook!


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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(UEN 201431998C.)