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One of the featured section on the Apple App Store this week is dedicated to highlighting some of Singapore’s very own iPhone apps.

It seems natural for us to highlight them here as well:

mobile apps made in singapore

1. Carousell

Available in Singapore since 2012, the beautiful app provides its users a simple and easy way to sell your products. Other than allowing you to list your products you want to sell, you can also beautify your products with pre-loaded photo filters, pretty much like Instagram. Carousell also allows you to curate and personalize your own browsing experience by following people of the same tastes and interests.

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carousell iphone

2. REEBONZ for iPhone

Reebonz is an exclusive flash sales website for designer luxury goods. Modeled around the concept of “accessible luxury”, members may shop online or on mobile applications. Flash sales events are held for short periods of time, typically two to three days.


3. 8 DAYS Eat

8 DAYS Eat is a resource of Singapore eateries – from hipster joints to hawker stalls – that will point you toward some of the best dining experiences in Singapore. You can search for where to eat by cuisine, location, price, 8 DAYS’ Picks and even the sort of mood you’re in.

8 days eat

4. LoveByte

LoveByte is a mobile app for couples. You can share your moments with your loved ones, chat with them daily, as well as sending date ideas to your other half using the app’s Scratch Card feature. There are also stickers available on LoveByte which can be used to spice up your conversations with one another.

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lovebyte singapore

5. Burpple

Similar to 8 DAYS Eat, Burpple is a social food guide for recommending your favourite dishes and restaurants, and discovering new places to eat. It is a simple way to food blog and share your food experiences similar to an Instagram of food. It claims to be one of the most dedicated food social network with your family, friends, food bloggers, tastemakers, chefs, and restaurant owners, all in one place.


6. Fuzel

Fuzel claims to be the world’s first animated collage app. You can create animated collages – make photo collages, add music, and see them play out in a fun and stylish fashion.

fuzel app

7. Picky

Picky is an app that helps you decide on where to go for lunch, dinner or any other occasion based on your own taste, mood and preferences. In a nutshell, it’s answering the question we’ve been asking ourselves daily… “What to eat?”.

picky app

8. Kwerkee – by Reebonz

Created by the same guys behind Reebonz, Kwerkee presents interesting knick-knacks, hard-to-find design pieces to users and customers. Categories include Home, Accessories, Art, Vintage, Apparel, Gadgets, Jewellery and many more. “We pick out THE QUEER, THE PECULIAR & THE BIZARRE for you.”


9. feecha

Feecha, is an app that aggregates news relevant to your geographic location. Living in Bishan? Choose that along with a few other hotspots of your social activities and you’re all set to be up to date with important news, promotions, events, and more around the area through the feecha app.

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feecha app

10. BillPin

BillPin is an easy way for you to split and keep track of all your bills with your friends, which typically includes group expenses and friendly lending among friends.

billpin app

11. Bubbly

Bubbly is a social voice platform that allows users to create their own voice blog in 90 seconds and subscribe to celebrities. The latest release of Bubbly app on iOS and Android enables users to apply voice filters, effects, and background music to their voice posts. Users may also add photographs and text up to 140 characters, and share their posts onto other social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook.

bubbly app

12. Travelr

Travelr is an all-in-one full-featured expense tracking app catered for travelers. It boasts a calculator, a currency converter, and an expense tracker all in one single nifty app. Travelr allows for an effective budget planning on-the-go without the fuss of having to switch between multiple apps.

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travelr app

13. Beginners Meditation Techniques

Beginner Meditations is an app that is an absolute must have for anyone seeking to experience the immense benefits of meditation. There’s a variety of beginners guided meditation techniques so you will be certain you will find one that is suited to your lifestyle and needs.

meditation app

14. Snyppit

Snyppit is the first mobile video application that lets you personalize your short mobile videos with stickers and frames. Tired of using filters and looking for fun ways to decorate your videos? Why filter when you can sticker!


15. PiPsports

PiPsports is a sports photography and community app which gives fans richer publishing capabilities, enhancing the match day experience across major sports including EPL, F1, NFL and more. PiPsports users can discover great fan-generated sports coverage and engage with friends and new connections within the PiP stream. PiPsports makes it easy to capture, annotate and share sports moments, leaving fans to focus on the game.


16. Due

Due App lets you jot down a task and set up a reminder alert in a very easy way. The beauty of Due lies in its simplicity. There’s no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize. What there is however are what that matters: a note for your reminder and an alert that is set up in mere seconds.

due app singapore

17. oneSafe

oneSafe provides advanced security for your passwords with features like auto-lock decoy safe, intrusion detection, self-destruct mode and double protection for your most sensitive data. Its like Fortknox in your pocket! You can even sync your secured info across different devices via iCloud and Dropbox so you have your passwords available to you whenever and wherever you need them.


Are you using any one of the 17 apps above? Some of the apps are beautifully designed as well.

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