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Mother’s Day is coming a little early this year, falling on the second Sunday, May 8. Have you gotten her a gift yet? If you’re here reading this article, chances might be you haven’t and are probably lost on what to get her.

Flowers are classic but a little boring (and don’t last long), while “Best Mother of 2022” mugs, tote bags, or T-shirts aren’t necessarily the most thoughtful of gifts.

So, here’s a list of more interesting products available on VP Label that would actually be useful for your mum this coming Mother’s Day. Happy shopping!

For mums who love organising

1) OCDEE’s Convi Shoebox Bundle

Image Credit: OCDee

These shoeboxes from OCDEE are designed with a 120° opening feature and a pull-out feature to allow better access to the shoes within. These stackable boxes also have good ventilation to ensure the shoes stay fresh.

What’s interesting though is that while they’re marketed as shoeboxes, they’re extremely useful for decluttering your home in other ways, be they for storing medications, stationery, living room clutter, and more. (A few members of our team themselves have utilised the boxes in various ways at home.)

Depending on your mum’s preference, you can choose between the Smoky or Transparent colourways. A bundle of four is RM119, while a bundle of nine goes for RM257.

Shop OCDee’s shoeboxes on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

2) Tracey’s The Urban Lady Tote Bag

Image Credit: Tracey

Compartmentalise your mum’s life by getting her this bag from Tracey. Crafted with vegan leather, the Urban Lady tote is also known as the Messy-No-More Compartment Bag.

Yes, it shamefully exposes how some of us ladies are no stranger to throwing backup tissues, receipts, and more into our bags for safekeeping or later use, but that’s beside the point.

True to its name, the bag has plenty of dedicated space for notebooks, pens, wallets, mobile devices, snacks, other knickknacks, and even a laptop.

The bag also comes with a detachable cross-body strap and an external trash bag. At RM189, it’s available in Classic Black, Moss Green, Pigeon Grey, and Cream to suit your mum’s style.

Shop Tracey’s bags on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

3) Noteism’s stonebooks

Image Credit: Noteism

Your mum deserves something special to write in—like the notebooks from Noteism. But what makes them special? The fact that the pages are made from stonepaper.

These super-strong notebooks (just like your mum) can survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use. You can straight-up sanitise the book without worrying it’ll get wet.

If your mum likes to plan, the Vegan Leather Stonebook Planner, which is on sale for RM59 right now, might just be the durable notebook she’s always looked for.

Shop Noteism’s stone paper notebooks on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For mums who need some relaxation

4) Sound of Flowers’ tinctures and mists

Could your mum use some Peaceful Nights? Or perhaps some Mental Energy? Or maybe she just needs to get her Tension Away. If so, you’re in luck, because these are the names of the therapeutic mists from Sound of Flowers.

These natural mists are made from a combination of Bach Flowers and organic essential oils to “unlock emotions and soothe tension”. Each 50ml glass bottle of the mist is on sale for RM60 right now.

The best part about them? She doesn’t need to purposely set aside time out of her busy day just to pamper herself, these can be done on the go and she’ll still reap the benefits.

Shop Sound of Flowers’ remedies on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

5) Dedaun+co’s essential oils

Image Credit: Dedaun+co

If your mum uses a diffuser, Dedaun+co has a wide range of different non-toxic and all-natural essential oils that she can use to unwind and relax. If you can’t find your mum’s favourite scent among the various aromas, you can also opt for the bespoke blends.

At RM45.60, the Zen Out blend is a mix of bergamot, ginger, and grapefruit. For RM42.75, there’s also the Spa Retreat blend that includes lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint.  

Shop Dedaun+co’s oils on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

6) Sukurabu’s body scrubs

Image Credit: sukurabu

These scrubs will help your mum wash away all the stresses that came from raising you (and then some).

Sukurabu’s scrubs are all wonderfully enticing in scents, such as the Fluffy Sakura Snow Body Scrub, Juicy Peach Frappe Body Scrub, or Mango Mango Smoothie Body Scrub.

The Ice Lavender Latte Body Scrub might be fitting for mums who want to wind down at the end of the day, as lavender is known to improve sleep. At RM142.50, this product features scents of the flower as well as an aromatic coffee smell that promises to freshen and improve the user’s mood.  

All of Sukurabu’s scrubs are two-in-one shower and scrub gels, which means your mum can bring these into the bathroom for a full-on pampering session without needing to switch between multiple products.

Shop Sukurabu’s scrubs on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For workaholic mums

7) Alterseat’s ergonomic chairs

Image Credit: Alterseat

As age catches up with us all, our bodies become more prone to injury even just through routines. Protect your mum’s posture by letting her work out of an ergonomic chair from Alterseat.

Ergonomic chairs are basically designed to reduce neck and back pain, so your mum can stop complaining about all those aches.

Alterseat has a range of products at different price points, so pick out a comfortable seat for your hard-working mum based on your own budget.

Shop Alterseat’s furniture on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

8) Charby’s electronic accessories

Image Credit: Charby

If your mum has a lot of electronic devices, Charby products are the way to go. Their MagSafe accessories help keep things wireless, tech-savvy, and generally much safer. Whether your mum is an Apple or Android user, Charby products will work with it.

If she drives quite often, the RM50 360° MagSafe Car Mount will definitely make her life easier. The sleek and durable product will allow her to use her phone hands-free without any worries of the device falling off while driving.

Shop Charby’s accessories on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For mums who are foodies

9) Figara11’s Balsamic Pure Fig Jam

Image Credit: Figara

This fig jam could totally be your mum’s jam. Located in Karak, Pahang, Figara11 operates sustainably, relying on rainwater collection and solar energy to keep the farm operational.

Its handcrafted Balsamic Fig Jam is free of artificial preservatives and flavourings. The ingredients list is simply figs, brown sugar, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar. Did we mention the figs are harvested only when its ripe so ensure a soft creamy texture and honey-like sweetness?

Each jar contains 110g of jam, which requires 180g of figs. For RM36, you get a pack of two.

For the more health-conscious mums, there is also the Gugu Guts prebiotic supplement for healthier guts made with their premium figs, suitable even for those who are diabetic.

Shop Figara11’s products on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

10) KampongKu’s instant noodles

Image Credit: KampongKu

These instant noodles aren’t like the cheap, not-so nutritious packets you find in convenience stores—they’re better, at least according to everyone in our office who’s tried them.  

As Malaysians would know, KampongKu means “my village” in Malay, so this brand’s instant noodles are all about authentic tastes. To ensure real Malaysian flavours, the brand incorporates traditional pestle and mortar techniques and includes real bits of ingredients in its products.

You can get KampongKu for your mum as a quick, easy meal on busy days by opting for the RM64 Family Pack.

It includes four packs of each noodle (Mamak Fried Noodles, Seafood Fried Nodles, and Black Pepper Fried Noodles). On top of that, there are also two of each paste (Curry Chicken Paste, Curry Fish Paste, Sambal Seafood Paste, and Asam Laksa Paste).  

Shop KampongKu’s products on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

11) ReissJaden’s alcoholic beverages

Image Credit: ReissJaden

If your mum is known to enjoy a drink or two, there’s definitely something at ReissJaden that will suit her tastes. And if you can’t decide which flavour to pick, there’s always the All-in-One Bundle.

This RM345 bundle comes with a Coffee Liqueur, a Ginger Wine, a Lemon Wine, a Ginger Lemon Wine, and a Pineapple Wine, all made with local ingredients and of a quality that could rival even popular brands.

Shop ReissJaden’s wines and liqueur on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

12) Surya’s cider vinegars

Image Credit: Surya

For mums who aren’t drinkers, this non-alcoholic and healthy beverage might be the move. Surya’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Pomegranate Cider Vinegar, and Date Cider Vinegar all come with natural honey to sweeten the deal.

These drinks are all said to have many health benefits. Apple cider vinegar, for instance, is said to help with detoxification, weight loss, heart health, blood sugar levels, and more.

You can choose from a bundle of two, three, or four 450ml bottles, or even a six-pack of 150ml bottles that costs RM55.

Shop Surya’s ACV on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For mums who have everything

13) Pastry Perfumes’ Taster Set

Image Credit: Pastry Perfumes

Yes, your mum probably has perfumes, but does she have perfumes that smell like pastries? If the answer’s no, the Pastry Perfumes Taster Set is the indulgent gift for her.

It comes with three scents, namely, Berry Brûlée, Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake, and Lemon Meringue. Designed in Malaysia by an award-winning chef, we bet your mum probably doesn’t have anything else that smells like these scents.

The set comes in a bundle of two for RM85 or a bundle of three for RM125.

Shop Pastry Perfumes’ fragrances on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

14) Brudee’s sonic toothbrush

Image Credit: Brudee

If your mum still uses regular, manual toothbrushes, maybe it’s time she lets her wrists rest up and enjoy a sonic toothbrush instead.

Coming in a sleek and slim design, Brudee’s Sonic ONE toothbrush is capable of rotating up to 32,000 strokes per minute. It comes with three brushing modes, a smart timer, and a travel case so your mum can bring it wherever she goes. A full charge will give the toothbrush up to 30 whole days of battery life.

A one-time purchase of this toothbrush that comes in silver, grey, or pink is RM231.20. A one-year pack is RM261.60.

Shop Brudee’s sonic toothbrushes on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

15) Advanx Health’s DNA Explorer

Image Credit: Advanx Health

It’s never too early nor late to keep tabs on one’s health and wellness. Give your mum the opportunity to understand her genetic predispositions with Advanx Health’s DNA Explorer Prime, on sale for RM999.

This wellness test will help your mother to take charge of her health and identify areas in her life that could use improvements.

It could reveal underlying late-onset issues that require a change in lifestyle before it’s too late. Ultimately, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Shop Advanx Health’s kits on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

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