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Hello, readers! The past week has shown to us how truly powerful social media can be if the users work together for a common goal. When people found out about the Vietnamese man who fell victim to a scam at Sim Lim Square, there was just an explosion of anger and people fought for justice to be brought upon the scammer, Jover Chew; and one of the Facebook groups that were leading this movement was SMRT Ltd (Feedback). We managed to score an interview with the admin of the group on their role online which has evolved from a troll group to internet vigilantes.

That wasn’t all, they later on revealed some suspicious breaching activity that was going on behind the scenes at Zalora. However, we have spoken directly to Zalora and they have strongly refuted the claims of data breach.

Social media users over in Malaysia (and other countries!) also showed their support for Ashley Greig who joined a beauty contest organised by Panasonic Beauty but got disqualified despite garnering the highest number of votes, simply because she did not fit in the usual standards of beauty. We approached her to talk about her fighting the good fight to change the perceptions of beauty and empower girls to love themselves.

It’s been two weeks since our first satire article on our Seriously Satire biweekly series and so it was time for us to poke fun at others again! This time we put a slight twist to girls who go all the way out to completely change their looks to look like someone entirely else.

We love all of our articles last week and we’re sure that you would love them too, time to get updated!

Exclusive Interviews And News From Singapore:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.07.23 pm

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Exclusive Interviews And News From Malaysia:

Image Credit: Panasonic Beauty
Image Credit: Panasonic Beauty

Rejected Social Media Choice From Panasonic Beauty Search Says, It’s Not Over Yet

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Image Credit: Creativesmagnet.com

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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