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[This is a sponsored article with Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Corporation (Sidec).]

If you haven’t begun thinking about what to get for your loved ones this Christmas, we’ve thought up seven likely traits, and matched them to gifts that may resonate with them. 

We’ve highlighted gifts in the form of products, all sold by businesses in Malaysia that are currently competing to win the title of Malaysia’s Top E-Commerce Merchant (Top ECM) Awards 2022. With over 240 brands shortlisted this year, this list is non-exhaustive, and there’s more to be explored.

The competition is organised by Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Corporation (Sidec), and SUBPLACE is the Official Marketplace Partner for the competition this year.

For context, SUBPLACE is a local ecommerce platform that primarily operates on a rent-to-own basis. It also offers one-off purchases on selected items as well. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of Xmas gifts to shop from local brands for these seven types of Malaysians.

1. For the one who never turns down a snack

This person is a foodie. They can appreciate a good cuppa, and are able to pick up on the floral or fruity nodes in their cold brew, even though it just tastes like regular coffee to you. 

You’ll find that they often carry around snacks, maybe even sporadically offering you titbits.

Perhaps they’d appreciate specialty coffee brew bags from HWC Coffee or locally made confectionaries from Grandeur Chocolate

Image Credit: HWC Coffee / Grandeur Chocolate

HWC Coffee features a selection of individually packed coffee sachets, sold in gift packs that cost as low as RM49 for 10 sachets of mixed flavours. There’s also a gift set that costs RM105 for 10 drip bag coffee sachets, and it comes with a gooseneck kettle in the box.

While founded in Taiwan, HWC Coffee joined SUBPLACE to aid in its Malaysian expansion in 2022 to sell its speciality coffee beans. 

Meanwhile, Grandeur Chocolate is a home-grown chocolate manufacturer producing sweets for other chocolate labels, and later came up with its own brand (Grandeur).

Under Grandeur, they’ve got chocolate flavours such as mint, milk, white, dark, and they make keto chocolates too. A box of 20 chocolates is priced between RM70-RM198.

2. For the one who could use some TLC for their skin 

This person may spend at least 30 minutes on their nighttime skincare routine to either pamper themselves or treat their skin issues such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

Image Credit: Ac Guard / Rawganics

Ac Guard specialises in formulating products to treat acne in a steroid-free manner. Using ingredients like niacinamide and rosemary leaf extract which are known to fight acne with potent antibacterial qualities, the brand has formulated repair creams that cost as low as RM50.

For those with sensitive skin, products from Rawganics or Claire Organics might be suitable. After all, these businesses are founded and crafted by mothers looking for naturally derived products that are safe for their babies.

Both brands have a range of products such as facial serums, natural deodorants, and body soaps which claim to be safe for sensitive skin, and soothing to eczema or psoriasis itches.

Rawganics has products priced between RM20-RM140, while Claire Organics’ are RM18-RM54.

3. For the new or expecting parents

If you can think of at least one friend or family member who’s expecting in the upcoming weeks or months, Mommy J, Offspring inc (Offspring), and Shapee can cater to their needs.

Mommy J is a local brand producing homemade nutritional baby food such as yoghurt melts, rice puffs, teething rusks, and other powders to mix into soft foods, all costing between RM20-RM58.

Offspring sells personal care products for babies, ensuring that their biodegradable wipes, organic skincare products, and eco-friendly diapers are made from natural materials and are toxin-free. 

To make it convenient for gifters, Offspring has a newborn set priced at RM242. It contains soothing nappy balms, lotions, plant-based wipes, diapers, and even baby-safe bath bombs in the bundle.

Image Credit: Mommy J / CeeTee

Shapee is a local brand founded by a couple who wanted to address the needs of women looking for maternity and nursing wear, including hands-free pumping bras, breast therapy thermal pads, and low-waist maternity panties. Shapee’s products are priced between RM19.90-RM96.

Meanwhile, if you’re shopping for a friend’s toddler, CeeTee retails educational supplies including colouring materials and Montessori playthings costing between RM21.90-RM100.

4. For the modest fashionista

Sometimes, getting your friends clothing to expand their wardrobe can be a less flashy, albeit practical, gift especially if you already know their sizing.

Image Credit: Hernies / Maryam Khadijah

Providing a range of modest Muslim women attires are Maryam Khadijah and Hernies, with prices ranging from RM63-RM167 and RM19.90-RM75 respectively. 

Both of these local brands have a range of attire that includes baju kurung, tudung, hijab, and shawls of different patterns and sizes.

Meanwhile, Simala is a clothing merchant that offers both men’s and women’s attire at affordable prices, from RM6.70-RM84.

5. For those who want a touch of luxury

This one’s meant for those who wear the same statement jewellery pieces daily. Why not diversify their collection by getting high-quality gold pieces from MJ Jewellery and LITZ, or even titanium ones from Celovis?

These brands carve and sell bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more. They’re sold at prices as low as RM54, RM123, and RM149 respectively.

Image Credit: Celovis

For those looking for more glitz with shimmery diamonds or gemstones could also consider getting customisable pieces from LITZ.

6. For those needing a little home improvement

If you know someone who may be stubborn about upgrading their home appliances—like your parents or grandparents—you could do them a favour by gifting something they’d likely use every day.

Image Credit: Khind Malaysia / PENSONIC

PENSONIC and Swiss Thomas are consumer electrical appliances brands that claim to offer products at affordable price points. 

Giftees who enjoy cooking may find the PENSONIC World Kitchen Smart Pot for RM1,688, or the Swiss Thomas Kitchen Knife set of seven for RM51, worthy tools to have.

Meanwhile, Khind Malaysia (Khind) is a local brand offering rent-to-own home appliances on SUBPLACE, where you could pay a monthly fee to use them for up to 18 months.

For example, you could subscribe to Khind’s 10kg Fully Auto Washing Machine for RM89/month for 18 months, or get a 40L Electric Oven for RM30/month for 12 months. 

7. For those who could use a spa day

This friend is probably one who just can’t seem to catch a break. So, perhaps you can step in as a good friend to get them any one of ITSU’s massage products to unwind those knots at home.

Image Credit: ITSU

The brand is offering a few types of rent-to-own plans for their products via SUBPLACE, such as the ITSU iClass Massage Chair for RM198/month for 36 months.

Otherwise, you could opt to get them some aromatherapy essential oils to help them unwind and relax. These are sold by Claire Organics for RM39-RM42.


Under SUBPLACE’s current promotions with the merchants competing for Malaysia’s Top ECM Awards 2022, shoppers can “Celebrate 2gether” with deals for the e-commerce platform’s second Birthday Bonanza, with discounts of up to 85%.

Image Credit: SUBPLACE

For these brands to win Malaysia’s Top ECM Awards 2022, they must be one of SUBPLACE’s top merchants by actively promoting and selling their products from September 20 till November 30.

The three-month competition offers a total pool of prizes worth RM60,000 in cash and other prizes in-kind.

All of this means that shopping from these merchants will be a win-win(-win) situation for you, your giftee, and the sellers.

  • You can shop from these merchants here.
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Featured Image Credit: Khind Malaysia / HWC Coffee / Celovis

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