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Sending things to friends and family abroad can be an inconvenience due to hefty shipping rates, potential delivery delays, and more. 

Thus, going through such a process is usually only reserved for important occasions or emergencies, like for a family member’s wedding you can’t attend, or sending aid to someone.

But what if we could easily ship packages abroad regardless of the affair?

Teleport, the logistics arm of Capital A (formerly AirAsia Group) has launched a new service to address this demand. Named Teleport Pink, it leverages AirAsia’s network of flights, and promises users affordable international next-day deliveries.

Teleport Pink is first offering deliveries from KL to Singapore, and plans to expand the service to other SEA destinations like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines in 2023.

So, we tested it out by sending our team in Singapore a little gift, something they wouldn’t be able to get from their country.

Parcel bags with virtual documentation

To help us get the ball rolling, Teleport Pink’s team sent us a few parcel bags for our KL to Singapore delivery.

The bags can be purchased directly from Teleport Pink’s online store, or from participating myNEWS outlets, and certain vending machines, along with co-working spaces such as Common Ground and WeWork. Each parcel bag costs RM1, and carries a max 5kg load.

All Teleport Pink parcel bags come with instructions on how to use the service. They also have a unique QR code that leads you to the brand’s website to fill in a digital form for your delivery.

Image Credit: Teleport Pink

You’ll have to input details like your and your recipient’s names, addresses, contact numbers, along with a brief description of what the package contains (documents, attire, food, etc.). No printing or drop-offs are required whatsoever.

Payment can be made via credit or debit card at the checkout page, and one-way delivery fees are fixed at RM40 (or S$15) per package.

A word from our sponsor: Customers sending their first parcel get a free delivery promo code “PINKFREE”, which the receiver in Singapore will also get upon receiving the parcel. 

Teleport Pink has made its parcel bags easy to reuse as well. As the original QR code is printed on a sticker, receivers may peel it off to reveal another unique QR code, and ship the package back to their sender, or anyone else in KL.

Gifting across the causeway

It’s worth noting that Teleport Pink’s next-day deliveries only apply to parcels that are picked up before 4PM.

Placing a delivery order on Wednesday, November 16 at 12.40PM, a Teleport rider came by to pick up my package at 1.38PM.

The parcel’s instructions also stated to not seal the bag. This is so packages can pass through customs quicker, as they’re checked by a Teleport representative beforehand

So, I watched as the Teleport rider peeped at my package’s contents before sealing the bag in front of me. A little intrusive, but perhaps that’s the cost of convenience and speediness.

This definitely alleviated a concern I had about my package getting rejected by customs though, since it contained a perishable item.

When asked about what kinds of things would be rejected from the parcel, the Teleport courier said that those include drugs, explosives, and the like. Generally, anything that would be flagged when you send your bags through airport customs.

From there, I wished the parcel a safe flight on its trip to Singapore as it boarded with other AirAsia passengers.

You won’t be able to track your orders via a moving rider icon on a map as your parcel makes its way to the destination. 

Instead, Teleport Pink will send you live updates via SMS when the parcel has reached its final destination. You can also see these updates on Teleport Pink’s tracker page when you enter your parcel’s code.

At 3.50PM on Thursday, November 17, I received messages from both Teleport Pink and my colleague in Singapore that the package had arrived safely.

One special gift we included in the package was coffee beans from the Malaysian brand, Gigi Coffee. It was something we personally enjoyed during our visit a couple of months ago, and we hoped that our Singapore team could share the sentiment, too.

Something interesting happened when my colleague received her package though. Her delivery guy came in a Lalamove Van.

Reaching out to Teleport Pink, the team explained that its delivery chain comprises a combination of Teleport’s own fleet, along with third-party service providers. 

This is to ensure that parcels are delivered quickly as (pinky) promised, while enabling the brand to expand its coverage and scale its volume efficiently. 


Safe to say, Teleport Pink’s service lived up to its word.

When it comes to affordability, Teleport Pink’s fee of RM40 to deliver a package from KL to Singapore is arguably on the higher end, as courier aggregator sites list options that cost under RM30. 

Taking into account the “next-day” factor of Teleport Pink’s service, though, the price is justified. Cheaper options would require a waiting period of up to a week.

Teleport Pink’s next-day delivery is a service that provides instant gratification to both the sender and receiver.

Using it, gifters won’t have to worry about if or when their package would reach their receiver, with the constant SMS updates and swiftness of the delivery.

More than consumers, Teleport Pink will be valued by businesses as well, especially ecommerce ones with customers rushing to get last-minute gifts for their international peers. 

Plus, if buyers had to return an item to the seller, Teleport Pink’s parcels make it easy to do so via the second QR code.

For now, Teleport Pink is in its infancy stage, and only time will tell what the pickup rate of this service will be. 

Living in a world today where convenience and speed are highly valued though, Teleport Pink is equipped to serve a market that’s willing to pay the price.

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