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[Written in partnership with Samadhi Retreats, but the editorial team had full control over the content.]

Samadhi Retreats’ annual Samadhi Carnival will be making its comeback on September 30, 2023, at Tamarind Springs in Ampang.

Regarded as a scenic food destination serving Indochinese cuisine, Tamarind Springs is a part of Samadhi Retreats’ vast portfolio that encompasses dining and hospitality brands.

Image Credit: Samadhi Retreats

From 7PM to 11PM on the day of the carnival, guests can expect to embark on a unique culinary experience, featuring a variety of wines and spirits from around the globe.

According to Natasya Falina, the head of marketing at Samadhi Retreats, the first such carnival happened nine years ago, and it started off as a Wine Fiesta event together with Straits Wine company in Singapore.

“But over the years it has evolved into something that’s more relevant with the current F&B scene with cocktail bar pop-ups and creative food presentations,” she said.

A gourmand’s heaven

Catering to the foodies, the carnival will have over 80 types of canapés from six different award-winning restaurants and retreats by Samadhi.

Image Credit: Samadhi Retreats

To go with the hors d’oeuvre, Samadhi Carnival has prepared more than 50 types of wines from around the world. Moreover, there’ll be bottomless Carlsberg beer, Somersby Cider, and Kronenbourg.

Samadhi Carnival has also teamed up with bars such as SOMA and Sanctuary 38, to create cocktails. Additionally, the carnival has exclusive partnerships with other local businesses including ice cream shop Minus 4 Degree, tuak brewer Sunborneo, and fermented tea brand Alocha Komcbucha.

While the food will be the star of the show, there will also be a variety of entertainment offerings. You can enjoy the show of contemporary Apsara dancers, or dance to the DJ’s beats yourself, get your fortune told through tarot reading, visit henna artists, and experience other traditional ethnic entertainment.

What’s included in the ticket

At RM250 per person, the ticket covers unlimited food, as well as the free flow of beer. Tickets also include four wine tastings, two cocktail tastings, and a complimentary ice cream per person.

Those visiting in a party of nine or more or more can get a discount of RM230 per person.

Image Credit: Samadhi Retreats

Natasya shared that Samadhi Carnival welcomed 360 guests last year, and plans to up that to 400 guests this year.

“We’re back with more spirits to offer basically,” Natasya said in regard to how the carnival has changed this year.

Image Credit: Samadhi Retreats

“In the previous years, we invited two cocktail bars but these were not included in the package. But this year guests will get to try two full-sized cocktails, four glasses of wines (versus three glasses last year) and some really creative ice cream creations from Minus 4 Degree.”

Tickets can be purchased online from now until September 29, 2023.

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Featured Image Credit: Samadhi Retreats

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