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Growing up, I’ve realised that there’s one distinct thing about older eateries. Take away the food itself and you’ll notice that quite a few generational restaurants have a sense of community spirit.

In fact, I’d even argue that the community support is exactly what built them up to be a neighbourhood staple.

One newer eatery that has drummed up solid community support and is leveraging it to grow ever bigger is Breakfast Room.

Located in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Breakfast Room is a multidisciplinary F&B company that grew from a home-based Sunday kitchen.

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

It started at home with loaves and buns

Back in July 2021, the founders of Breakfast Room (who prefer not to be named) started out the business as a Sunday breakfast kitchen. There, they would serve morning spreads like coffee, pulled beef sandwiches, and portobello pesto sandwiches. 

Everything was prepared in their home kitchen, and most of their customers were families, friends, and neighbours. 

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

But some time before that, the founders were already supplying baked goods to a few shops in the area. 

At the time, Hariez (Breakfast Room’s Business Development Manager) told Vulcan Post that he was a regular customer and particularly enjoyed their homemade buns and loaves.

These experiences gave the founders time to hone their culinary and business skills. Starting from home also provided them with a more cost-effective way to understand the market and develop their menu.

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

“The concept of Breakfast Room emerged during this period. Upon recognising the potential of the business, we secured a small 400 sq ft space [and moved out in December 2021],” the team shared. 

It’s in the same spot that they currently occupy, just larger. 

Establishing their own #gengbangunpagi community

During those early days, Breakfast Room had seven tables and could only host up to 20 people at a time. Being in a residential area, the team focused on catering breakfast to crowds of families.

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

By sticking with their roots, the team naturally built a community around early risers looking for hearty breakfasts. 

The cafe opens at 7:30AM daily (except for Mondays) and offers full meals such as Full Brekkie (their take on an English breakfast) and sourdough breakfast muffins.

Taking it up a notch, the brand even came up with a name for their customers called #gengbangunpagi, which translates to “early riser gang”. 

“Just like a family, #gengbangunpagi brings together people who love waking up early and enjoying breakfast. As simple as being at Breakfast Room, you are already a #gengbangunpagi,” they explained.

Image Credit: Breakfast Room / Aina Syifa

“We want our customers to feel like they’re part of a community that shares their lifestyle and values. Through this community, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our customers, creating a shared experience that extends beyond the breakfast table.”

No longer just a breakfast spot

As their #gengbangunpagi grew, so did the business itself. They began adding more tables, expanding the menu offerings, and even rented out the space next door to make it into a 70-seater cafe. 

Image Credit: Breakfast Room / FallBots

Then in late 2023, Breakfast Room welcomed two new additions under its company: B-SIDE which stands for Breakfast Room after hours, and a bakery called BRBakes.

Now, you might believe that this expansion stemmed from wanting to diversify revenue streams, and you’re not wrong to think that.

However, Hariez explained that putting financials aside, it’s also to let Breakfast Room’s team explore their own passions. “Our decision to launch these sister brands was influenced by the talent and creativity of our team.”

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

Building upon the brand’s baking background, the founders chose to open a standalone bakery less than a five-minute walk from the cafe. This way, the team could look into more ways of expanding their baked goods menu.

Open from 9:30AM to 6:30PM, the BRBakes serves items like croissants, cruffins, cakes, sourdoughs, and cinnamon rolls.

Similarly, B-SIDE is a way for the team to showcase their talents beyond just breakfast food. Open from 5:30PM to 10:30PM, B-SIDE extends their dining hours and offers a more sophisticated menu. Customers can expect to find dishes like pasta and risotto during this period.

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

Building relationships with other entrepreneurs

Besides serving customers and the team, Breakfast Room has also paid mind to building a community with others in the F&B field. 

Last year, after being approached by Beard Brothers BBQ (a restaurant specialising in American BBQ), they launched A Breakfast Collaboration to work with other industry players. 

It’s a symbiotic relationship where the primary objective is to foster and inspire new business ideas, business discussions, and problem-solve for both parties. 

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

Other brands they’ve partnered with for A Breakfast Collaboration include PULP (PPP Coffee’s flagship store) and Brotani Juice Club (a local juice brand). There will be more collaborations this year which they’ll share on social media in due course.

Chock-full of ideas, the Breakfast Room team also initiated a concept called #BRWEEKENDPOPUP last year. They would host various vendors almost every weekend ranging from food to souvenirs and educational games at no rental charge.

With such a large space, they figured it would be beneficial to support small businesses seeking a space to showcase their own offerings.

Image Credit: Breakfast Room

Three brands in (almost) three years

In nearly three years, Breakfast Room has grown from being a Sunday kitchen with a handful of menu items to a cafe and three brands.

Growing internally and externally in such a short time can be challenging, so the team shared a few learnings they picked up on:

  • Good food is good marketing
  • Word of mouth is still the best marketing
  • A great team is crucial for the growth and establishment of your business
  • Spend what you have, not what you think you have
  • Account for unforeseen situations
Image Credit: Breakfast Room

With these in mind, they’re planning to broaden the brand’s reach by opening a second Breakfast Room outlet soon.

In the long run, aligning with their current growth strategy, their goal is to establish a holding group with various subdivisions, including a grab-and-go spot.

“Above all, we aim to grow our #gengbangunpagi community while providing excellent food, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving our menu items,” Hariez stated. At the end of the day, it seems to all come back to the community they’ve built.

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Featured Image Credit: Breakfast Room

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