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[Written in partnership with Airbot, but the editorial team had full control over the content.]

If you’ve ever shopped for household appliances online, one option you might have come across is a brand called Airbot.

Airbot features a robust range of products, including handheld cordless vacuum cleaners, mopping vacuum cleaners, air fryers, air purifiers, and robotic cleaners.

A Singaporean brand, Airbot was founded back in 2008 by mechanical engineer Jensen, product designer Marc, and precision engineer Ong Chun Hong.

According to their website, the team used to spend 14 hours per day in the research lab to develop exciting technology, fuelled by a shared dream to change the world.

“We want to revolutionise the way people interact with their living spaces. We noticed a lack of innovation in the local home cleaning sector, despite the proliferation of smart devices and automation. Traditional vacuum cleaners remained largely unchanged in their functionality and user experience.”

Sharing this with Vulcan Post was Ong Chun Hong.

Co-founder Ong Chun Hong, and an Airbot vacuum we previously reviewed / Image Credit: Airbot/Vulcan Post

Ong obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial & Management Engineering. He spent six years in the precision engineering industry, and is also the founder of e-scooter company O-Ride in Singapore.

Then in 2019, he had been a part of the effort to bring Airbot into Malaysia, and is now also the director of Airbot Malaysia.

Affordability for all

Some might find Airbot’s products to look comparable to Dyson’s. While that might be true, something the brand certainly doesn’t have in common with Dyson is their price tags.

Where Dyson boasts a premium price point, Airbot is committed to offer affordability, believing that cutting-edge technology should be accessible to as many people as possible.

Image Credit: Airbot

“We employ a multifaceted approach to ensure that our products remain within an economical price range without compromising on quality or performance,” Ong shared.

In order to keep prices low, one key strategy they employ is having efficient supply chain management. This involves optimising the sourcing of components and materials, streamlining production processes, and minimising overhead costs.

Additionally, the company also leverages economies of scale to negotiate favourable pricing with suppliers, allowing them to pass on the savings to customers.

Venturing across the Causeway

While Airbot was originally founded in Singapore, Airbot Malaysia got its start back in 2019, spearheaded by Ong.

They’ve quickly grown their local presence in the past four years, having been consistently ranked among the top five best-selling items in multiple sales festivals on both Shopee and Lazada.

“This strong performance across major ecommerce platforms demonstrates the trust and popularity Airbot has garnered among Malaysian consumers,” Ong elaborated.

Image Credit: Airbot

To ensure that they cater to the local market, Airbot utilises regionalised strategies. That involves different product prices to ensure affordability for the local crowd.

“We believe in local stock availability and after-sales service, so for Malaysia and other regions we enter, we also ensure a local warehouse, marketing team, and after-sales service team are available,” Ong added.

Compared to our Singaporean neighbours who more readily embrace online purchases, Malaysians still prefer physically interacting with products prior to purchasing them, the Airbot team noticed.

Recognising this, Airbot is exploring a potential expansion of its physical presence in Malaysia.

There are principles that consumers, no matter what region, will appreciate though. That involves trust, speedy delivery, and excellent after-sales service—all things that Airbot strives to do.

Becoming a household name globally

It’s been 15 years since Airbot started their journey, but it’s clear that they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

The brand’s ambition is to solidify their position as a leader in the home appliances industry.

“In the short term, we aim to expand our product line, enhance our brand visibility, and deepen our customer engagement through targeted marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships,” Ong explained.

To continue keeping prices low, they’re also focused on further optimising operations while maintaining uncompromising quality standards.

Image Credit: Airbot

Looking ahead to the next five to ten years, Airbot has ambitious yet attainable plans, Ong said. For one, they envision expanding their global footprint.

Currently, their products are already in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and of course, Malaysia. At the same time, the Airbot trademark has already been registered in the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union, and other areas in Asia, priming them for success across the globe.

To cater to all sorts of consumers, Airbot will also need to diversify their product offerings. As such, the business will work on developing innovative solutions beyond the robotic vacuum cleaners they’re known for, such as smart home devices and AI-powered appliances.

Airbot is also committed to ESG initiatives, striving to minimise their environmental footprint while maximising their positive impact on society.

As for Airbot’s goals in Malaysia specifically, they plan to continuously enhance their customer experience, believing that building strong relationships with users is how they can continue to grow.

“This dedication to customer satisfaction is our driving force, and we hope to win the hearts of Malaysians by consistently exceeding their expectations,” Ong concluded.

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Featured Image Credit: Airbot

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