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Jac & Ivy isn’t just your average beauty retreat to get your nails done; it’s a whole experience.  

Meet Ivy Chong, Jeremy Ong, and Jacqueline Ong, the dynamic trio behind this 11-year-old beauty haven.

But how did they turn a simple idea into a thriving business, spanning multiple outlets and even venturing into kids’ spa services? 

Ivy, a certified nail aficionado with numerous victories in international competitions and a prestigious diploma from the Swiss Institute of CIDESCO (the world’s most internationally recognised beauty therapy qualification), laid the foundation with her relentless pursuit of perfection and deep passion for nails. 

Jacqueline, a former Miss Malaysia World runner-up and adept entrepreneur, brought her unique flair for fashion and adventure, while Jeremy, Ivy’s husband, contributed his financial acumen and entrepreneurial drive. 

Together, this trio embarked on a journey to transform a simple idea into a beauty empire and soon realised that they were onto something special. Thus, Jac & Ivy was born. 

But as fate would have it, Jacqueline’s journey took her to Hong Kong, leaving Ivy and Jeremy to steer the ship. 

Undeterred, the duo pressed on, fueled by a shared vision and a determination to succeed. With Jeremy’s corporate background and Ivy’s unwavering commitment to excellence, they were a force to be reckoned with.

A beauty playground for tiny fingers

The turning point came when they noticed a gap in the market—a lack of safe and enjoyable nail care options for children. 

Inspired by their daughter, they established Jac & Ivy Kidz Spa, Malaysia’s first dedicated nail spa for kids. 

Image Credit: Jac & Ivy

This venture, rooted in their commitment to safety and exceptional experiences, quickly became a cornerstone of Jac & Ivy’s business model. 

With meticulously selected non-toxic products and specialised staff training, the spa ensures every child’s visit is both pampering and memorable. 

They craft every detail, from child-sized chairs to mini juice boxes, to make children feel special and engaged.

Their services cater to the entire family, fostering inclusivity and enjoyment across all age groups and preferences. From kids’ parties to corporate events, Jac & Ivy offers something for everyone.

It’s not uncommon to see parents bonding with their little ones over a manicure or pedicure session, creating cherished family memories.

The positive response to Jac & Ivy’s Kidz Spa has fueled the company’s growth.

They’ve already established four outlets in Malaysia—Hartamas, Taman Molek, Ativo Sri Damansara, and KidZania Mutiara Damansara. Plans for expansion include a forthcoming location at KidZania Singapore.

Image Credit: Jac & Ivy

What sets them apart

Over the years, the nail care industry in Malaysia has undergone significant transformations. While an influx of small-scale manicurists and home-based setups has emerged, many tend to lean heavily into the realm of nail art.

However, Jac & Ivy stand out from the crowd by prioritising health and hygiene while fostering a welcoming, family-friendly environment.

Amidst a sea of competitors, they focus on creating a space where families can bond and relax together during pampering sessions sets them apart.

Image Credit: Jac & Ivy

Their diverse clientele ranges from males seeking pristine nails to individuals craving a serene ambience or privacy during treatments.

Despite the fierce competition, they continuously adjust their offerings to meet evolving customer preferences.

Introducing the Jac & Ivy Kidz Spa, with specialised services tailored for children, showcases their commitment to innovation and brand diversity, positioning them as Malaysia’s first dedicated nail spa for kids.

Operating with two distinct pipelines—one catering to adults under the Jac & Ivy brand and the other to children through the Jac & Ivy Kidz Spa—further broadens their reach and appeal.

Additionally, maintaining open communication with customers and active solicitation of feedback enables Jac & Ivy to innovate continually, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.

Image Credit: Jac & Ivy

Navigating challenges & growth

It goes without saying that Jac & Ivy wouldn’t be 11 years old if it weren’t for the duo’s resilience and determination.

For example, amidst challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, they adapted and invested in new product lines and expansion plans, constantly evolving to stay ahead in the dynamic beauty industry.

“Even during the pandemic when the store had to be closed, we pivoted to online sales with the products we had in hand to keep a driving income for the company,” they said.

A key to their enduring success lies in thorough market research and product sourcing, especially evident in the establishment of Jac & Ivy Kidz Spa.

Jac & Ivy’s team / Image Credit: Jac & Ivy

Extensive research trips abroad ensured safe yet innovative products aligned with the spa’s focus on health and hygiene.

Despite initial investment hurdles, their commitment to providing tailored experiences for young guests drove forward-thinking initiatives, such as mini product lines and specialised amenities.

Looking ahead to the long term, Jac & Ivy sets its sights on expanding in prime locations within Malaysia’s middle-class areas, including Bangsar and Damansara, among others.

Poised to take Jac & Ivy to new heights, they also dream of expanding into new markets and launching their own nail training school.

With their passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, they’re prepared to leave you feeling like royalty—whether you’re six or sixty.

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Featured Image Credit: Jac & Ivy Nail Spa

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