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Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement control order (MCO), everyone found themselves heavily reliant on online deliveries for everything from food to parcels, and more.

Observing the convenience of home delivery, Azwan Alias felt a spark of inspiration. This newfound appreciation for getting things done from home planted the seed of entrepreneurship in his mind.

It dawned on him that the traditional model of car wash services, typically confined to brick-and-mortar locations, could be revolutionised. Thus, the idea of a mobile car detailing service, Matvac Detailing, was born.

The 30-year-old engineering graduate’s journey to entrepreneurship took an unconventional route, weaving through the corridors of academia and the corporate world before landing him in the driver’s seat of his own mobile car detailing service.

“I applied for countless jobs, only to face rejection after rejection. It dawned on me that conventional employment might not be the path for me during these uncertain times,” Azwan recalled.

With determination and a dash of inspiration, he envisioned a service that would bring convenience to the doorsteps of Seremban residents.

So, Matvac Detailing was founded in August 2020, with a simple yet powerful mission, which is to provide hassle-free car detailing services at the customer’s convenience.

Spinning the wheels of innovation

Image Credit: Matvac Detailing

From humble beginnings with his trusty old Iswara, Azwan’s venture has evolved, now operating from a fully equipped van with a dedicated workforce.

Catering to a diverse clientele including families, busy professionals, and car enthusiasts, Matvac Detailing offers various services.

While there are other businesses offering mobile car services, Matvac Detailing stands out by specialising in comprehensive car detailing. Unlike standard mobile car services that focus solely on exterior cleaning, Matvac Detailing provides a meticulous, full-service approach.

Their services include seat wash, carpet wash, full interior detail, exterior basic wash, premium detailing, and their star service—monthly subscription packages.

The subscription model, divided into basic, premium, and ultimate packages, has been a hit among customers, offering exclusive perks and priority service for those in the Klang Valley as well.

Image Credit: Matvac Detailing

“Our best-selling package is the premium, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele,” he shared.

“We have a checklist for each service to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Every task is meticulously executed, with the customer’s approval sought before payment,” he added.

Azwan also said that he determines the price by doing a bit of market research. He calls up a few detailing shops nearby, checks out their packages, and crunches some numbers to get his pricing sorted.

While his pricing tends to be standard in Seremban, Azwan factors in fuel and toll charges for places beyond their usual base.

Even if you live in condominiums or apartments, Azwan’s services are still available, as Matvac Detailing is not limited to landed properties.

Behind the scenes, he boasts a fleet of professional tools and equipment, meticulously organised within the van’s confines.

Image Credit: Matvac Detailing

“With a generator, pressure washer, vacuums, steamer, and variety of tools equipped in the van I ensure the van is well organised,” said the founder.

Driving towards success & goals

However, navigating logistical challenges, particularly in time management and geographic coverage, has been a constant battle for Azwan.

“Expanding our reach while maintaining quality service remains our biggest challenge,” he acknowledged.

To overcome this hurdle, Azwan leverages the power of digital media, harnessing the allure of video content to showcase Matvac Detailing’s expertise and build trust among potential customers.

With an average quarterly growth of 30% to 40% in sales, Matvac Detailing is poised for further expansion.

Image Credit: Matvac Detailing

“Our vision is to become the premier mobile car wash service in Malaysia.”

“With plans to introduce polishing, waxing, and coating services, the sky’s the limit,” Azwan said.

As Matvac Detailing sets its sights on the horizon, Azwan remains steadfast in his commitment to delivering unparalleled service.

“Our unique selling proposition is simple—convenience. Why spend time at a car wash when you can have your vehicle cleaned at home, while you attend to more important matters in life?” he asked.

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Featured Image Credit: Matvac Detailing

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