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If you’re a fan of Malaysia’s coffee culture, chances are you’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee from Gigi Coffee. Known for its quality brews and innovative menu, this homegrown brand has carved out a niche in the market. 

Now, under its rebranded parent company, OneCreators Group, it’s branching out into frozen yoghurt with its new venture, HeLo Moo!.

It’s a fresh and vibrant addition to the Gigi Coffee family, aiming to offer something new while sticking to the core values of quality and innovation that have made Gigi Coffee a hit.

At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the frozen yoghurt market is already pretty saturated with big names like Yolé, Llao Llao, and Tutti Frutti. These brands have not only perfected their products but have also cultivated strong customer loyalty.

So, what does HeLo Moo! bring to the table?

From coffee beans to froyo dreams

HeLo Moo!’s entry into the market isn’t just a random experiment for the growing F&B group. According to Marcus Low, OneCreators Group’s CEO, it’s a strategic diversification move, capitalising on the growing froyo trend, particularly among the health-conscious-yet-indulgent youth.

“Our passion for quality and innovation didn’t stop at coffee. Frozen yoghurt felt like a natural extension of our brand.” 

Image Credit: HeLo Moo!

“We saw an opportunity to bring something fresh and exciting to our customers—frozen yoghurt that not only tastes great but also offers a variety of local flavours and ingredients that resonate with our cultural roots,” Marcus told Vulcan Post.

Gigi Coffee clearly has a strong brand presence, and leveraging that for a new product makes sense. 

But to truly stand out, they’ll need to offer something more than just familiarity.

The froyo adventure

HeLo Moo! promises a premium, no-added-sugar froyo base, with a plethora of toppings and sauces from fresh fruits to local flavours. You can even transform your froyo into a froyo frappe, similar to what Yolé does. 

Image Credit: HeLo Moo!

Although offering no-added-sugar and customisation isn’t exactly groundbreaking in the current local market, it’s still uncommon enough to help HeLo Moo! stand out as a healthier option.

According to Marcus, it’s also their commitment to quality that sets them apart. They’ve established a rigorous quality control process, sourcing ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure consistency. However, this is pretty much a given in any reputable food and beverage business.

Adapting their supply chain to accommodate fresh fruits and new ingredients posed challenges, but leveraging existing relationships helped them efficiently support the new product line.

“HeLo Moo! offers a variety of flavours and toppings to suit different preferences and occasions. We see a lot of synergies between the coffee and frozen yoghurt markets, as both are driven by consumer demand for convenience, innovation, and indulgence,” Marcus explained.

Their prices range from RM12 for a small tub with one topping to RM18 for a large tub with three toppings. The frappe starts at RM16 with customisable toppings. 

From what we can see, these prices are on par with other brands in the industry.

Expansions and aspirations

Image Credit: HeLo Moo!

Looking ahead, the team is exploring co-location strategies (sharing a physical location with Gigi Coffee outlets) to enhance customer experience by leveraging the synergy between Gigi Coffee and HeLo Moo!. 

Co-locating outlets could create a more vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, attracting more customers and generating more footfall traffic. This strategy also aims to strengthen brand identity and awareness for both HeLo Moo! and Gigi Coffee, and help them to maximise space and resources.

Since its launch, HeLo Moo! has quickly expanded to three outlets in Malaysia, with the latest store in Mid Valley Megamall. 

Image Credit: HeLo Moo!

The brand has ambitious plans to open more outlets soon, bringing its froyo experience to even more customers. Balancing innovation with operational efficiency remains a key agenda for the team.

“Our long-term goal is for HeLo Moo! to become a staple in the Malaysian lifestyle, synonymous with lifestyle and indulgence.

“While we are currently focused on solidifying our presence in Malaysia, we are open to exploring international expansion opportunities that resonate with HeLo Moo!’s core values and commitment to quality,” Marcus shared.

HeLo Moo!’s journey reflects a commendable effort by the Gigi Coffee team to diversify and innovate.

Breaking into a market dominated by established players will be no easy task, but the Gigi Coffee team is no stranger to the process, seeing how the homegrown coffee brand has built a strong presence across the country.

As a froyo enthusiast, I’m always excited to see new entrants bringing fresh ideas to the table. Whether HeLo Moo! can carve out its niche in the crowded froyo market remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: the competition just got a little sweeter.

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Featured Image Credit: HeLo Moo!

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