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Recently, we came across a fascinating event known as The Blind Date Party.

Featuring quite the sophisticated website and a curious premise, this quickly became the topic of our office conversations.

Framed to be an exclusive experience, this soiree is aimed to redefine and elevate the conventional blind dating experience.

The kicker? Prices start at RM2,250 and go all the way to RM3,750.

Meet the host

Reaching out to The Blind Date Party, we learnt that the founder is Chinonyerem Ochuko Barrah, a 39-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur.  

With a diploma in Business Information Systems, Chi has always been involved in events, claiming to have to organised high school events and campus concerts in Nigeria.

Chi made his way to Kuala Lumpur through what he calls “a serendipitous blend of ambition and curiosity”.

Here, he immersed into the city’s events scene, playing a part in hosting pool parties at the now-closed The Pool on Jalan Ampang, as well as contributing to the launch of Heli Lounge Bar at Menara KH (now Helipad KL).

“These experiences ignited my passion for creating unforgettable social experiences,” he said.

Today, Chi wears multiple hats as a “social architect, cultural curator, and technology explorer”. While The Blind Date Party is an important project to him, it’s not his only focus. The Nigerian is also building Big Sabi, Inc., a company dedicated to democratising technology access for small businesses in Nigeria.

Chi is currently operating The Blind Date Party as a solopreneur, having funded the project himself. However, he’s seeking like-minded individuals to join him on the journey.

At this point, you might be hoping to put a face to the name. However, Chi said they’ve made a conscious decision to keep the event and its organisers faceless.

He claims that this enhances the mystery and helps attendees focus on the experience, while creating unbiased interactions and maintaining his privacy.

“We believe this faceless approach enhances the unique nature of The Blind Date Party and aligns with our commitment to creating an exceptional, intimate experience for our guests,” he said.

A chance for Malaysians to “date differently”

The inspiration behind The Blind Date Party comes from a desire to revolutionise the social scene.

“In today’s digital age, where people heavily rely on dating apps to find love, The Blind Date Party offers a refreshing return to authentic, face-to-face interactions,” Chi claimed.

Image Credit: The Blind Date Party

To him, this is not just an event but a transformative experience that challenges the norms of “digital superficiality”. The platform seeks to foster genuine conversations and set a new standard for social events worldwide—a fusion of luxury, intrigue, and genuine human connection.

The founder reiterated, “We’re offering Malaysia a chance to date differently, party differently, and connect differently. It’s an escape from routine, an embrace of adventure, and a reimagining of what a social gathering can be.”

“In a world of predictable encounters, we’re creating a space where every interaction holds the potential for something extraordinary.”

But Chi said it’s designed to be more than just a mingling event. Rather, it’s a “carefully orchestrated experience”. One that begins with something called the “Blind Matching Initiative”.

As guests arrive, they are ushered to their initial blind date. The event will incorporate a card-based matching system that facilitates introductions based on different age groups.

Guests receive a unique set of cards that guide them through a series of curated interactions throughout the evening. Through various activities, guests can further immerse in conversations, laughter, and genuine connections.

The goal is to let meaningful relationships flourish organically, whether they be friendships, professional collaborations, or romantic connections.

The founder reminded us though that The Blind Date Party is still in development, and things may be refined or changed down the road.

Still a work in progress

When I first came across The Blind Date Party, it was slated to have its first event on June 1 at Bar Trigona. A few days later, though, I noticed that date had been rescinded on the website.

Calling Bar Trigona, I was told that the event was cancelled.

Chi later told me that it was postponed due to an imbalance in the female to male ratio, as well as other logistical issues.

“We’re currently in talks with several premium venues and aiming to launch in the coming months,” he said. The exact date and location will be announced soon, he added.

For those who may be thinking that perhaps there just weren’t enough participants, Chi claimed that the reception to The Blind Date Party has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We’ve seen a surge of interest from a diverse range of potential attendees, from young professionals to established business leaders,” he stated.

As to the exact number of registrations, he said he’s keeping the information confidential at this stage.

In the bigger picture, his objective is to host The Blind Date Party monthly.

Sounds good, but RM2,000+?

As wonderful as all this sounds, a starting price of RM2,250 still feels pretty steep.  But Chi said the pricing reflects the premium, exclusive nature of The Blind Date Party experience.

The lowest tier is called Stargazer / Image Credit: The Blind Date Party

Justifying the price is a myriad of things like:

  • Access to a “meticulously curated” guest list of like-minded individuals
  • A premium venue at one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious locations
  • Gourmet canapés and a carefully selected menu of fine wines and spirits
  • Live entertainment, including world-class DJs and performers
  • A proprietary matching system and interactive experiences
  • Dedicated concierge service throughout the event

“While the price point is designed to attract discerning guests who value exceptional experiences, we’re also exploring ways to make the event accessible to a broader audience in the future,” Chi assured.

For now, The Blind Date Party is targeting discerning professionals aged 25 to 40 who are seeking more than just a night out. This includes:

  • Young professionals and mid-career individuals from diverse sectors (e.g. tech, finance, creative industries, etc.)
  • Busy professionals who don’t have much time for traditional dating or socialising due to demanding careers
  • Socially active individuals looking for innovative ways to meet people and expand their social circles
  • Individuals with a taste for the finer things in life, appreciating premium experiences, whether in dining, entertainment, or social engagements
Image Credit: The Blind Date Party

Another thing that potential participants may be concerned about is safety. Chi shared that The Blind Date Party will involve rigorous vetting of all attendees, and collaborations with venues that have stringent security measures.

Becoming a place to be

Chi hopes that The Blind Date Party will become the most talked-about social event in Kuala Lumpur, known for its unparalleled ability to foster meaningful connections in a luxurious setting.

With that, he plans to expand to other major cities across Southeast Asia and beyond, creating a global community of individuals who value authentic connections and extraordinary experiences.

The founder said, “We absolutely aim to become a staple in the KL night scene, redefining what it means to socialise in the modern age.”  

But for now, whether or not The Blind Date Party will take off is yet to be seen. While we don’t know how likely Chi is to deliver on his tall orders, we can’t overlook his ambition.

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Featured Image Credit: Pexels / The Blind Date Party

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