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Last week was a really eventful week. Instagram Ended Up In China’s Social Media Graveyard during the ongoing Hong Kong protests, and we speak to NUS professor Lai Zit Seng about Shellshock, the latest security risk that’s shocking governments and Mac users into action. We also spoke to Humin’s Vice President for Global Markets, Sriram Krishnan, in our weekly Apps I Live By Column, while our weekly comic artist Arpan shared with us how Jack Ma’s Advice Does You No Good,

While we contemplate Who Will Win The Showdown Between Uber And JPJ, Uber is also moving into Singapore with Uber For Business. We’ve also discovered My Laundry Box, which is pretty much Uber for laundry, and thus Hilarious Fake Thumb That Would Help Your Large Smartphone Problem

Other news includes a A Tech Throwback video starring Steve Jobs, saying goodbye to The Grandad of Social Networking, Orkut, and This Hilarious Conversation between a LINE user and a Hacker!

This getting you excited? Then go ahead and get updated!

Exclusive Interviews With Awesome People:


Apps I Live By: Humin’s Vice President for Global Markets, Sriram Krishnan

No Excuse To ‘Bo Jio’ With This YO Inspired App

“Shellshock Is Exciting, But Life Needs to Go On.”

Opinion Pieces Worth Reading:


Are You Guilty Of These Everyday Technology Mistakes?

5 Ways To Stay Sane With The Torture of Slow Internet

Rape T-Shirt Controversy: Things This Philippine Shopping Mall Should Have Learned From Amazon

[COMICS] Dear Readers, I’m Sorry But Jack Ma’s Advice Will Do You No Good.

[RIP] The Grandad of Social Networking, Orkut, Is Dead.

[CEO Series] Five Mistakes That You’ve Probably Made

Move Smart Watches Aside, Smart Houses Are The Next Big Thing

The Troubled Love Story Between Nintendo And Asia

To Fridays: #3 — The Waiting Game

What Can I Learn In 10 minutes That Can Help My Marriage Last Forever?

News And Interesting Scoops From Singapore And Malaysia:

Image Credit: Google Street View
Image Credit: Google Street View

You Have No Excuses Not To Read With This New App By NLB Singapore

MDA Now Asking The Online Citizen To Get Registered, TOC To Respond “In Due Course”

Uber For Business Takes Over 120 Cities, And It’s Coming For Singapore

This Hilarious Conversation On LINE Will Show You The Best Way To Deal With Hackers!

Singapore: Land of Singletons? 6 Terrific Tools To Find True Love – Or More

Hey M’sians, Check Your House Out With Google Street View Malaysia!

#ChooseUberMY: Who Will Win The Showdown Between Uber And JPJ

Hackers Infect ATMs With Virus In Well-Planned Heist, Stole RM3 Mil

News Related to Phones and Gadgets:

Image credit: JUMP

Kindle Voyage Is The Thinnest E-Book Reader, Turn Pages “Without Lifting A Finger”

Beacon Tech Will Let Products Do The Talking To Filipino Shoppers

Straightening The Bend In The iPhone 6 Plus Saga

With JUMP Cable, You Can Now Charge Your Smartphone and Tablet On The Go!

Thanks To Indiegogo’s Forever Funding Plan, S’porean CreoPop Raised 467% Of Its Goal

Your Mouse, Touchpad And Keyboard Could Become Obsolete With This S’pore-Made Gadget!

Kickstarter Pick Of The Week: Yourbot, Fascinating Time Machine For The Future!

The Advanced App(endage) That Would Help Your Large Smartphone Problem

Social Media and App or Website Related News:

Image Credit: @jl_iblog
Image Credit: @jl_iblog

Tracking Flight Prices Is Now A Breeze With Google Now!

Can India’s Hike Messenger Beat WhatsApp At Its Own Game?

What If… Emojis Were To Come To Life?

What’s the Deal With Ello – The “Anti-Facebook” Everyone’s Going Nuts About

[#OccupyCentral] Instagram Ends Up In China’s Social Media Graveyard

This App Will Give You A ‘Backward’ Perspective That Makes Normal Videos Look Boring

Your Child Can’t Skip School Anymore With This Fun App That Prevents Cavities

My Laundry Box Refreshes S’pore’s Jaded Laundry Industry With Mobile Tech!

Other News To Catch Up On:


A Tech Throwback: “Mom Look, No Wires!”

So You Think You Can Be a YouTube Star?

2 Ways To Boost Broadband Internet Speed In The Philippines

What It’s Like To Fly The $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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(UEN 201431998C.)