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Startups-wise, there’s never a dull year in Singapore.

Just last year alone, we witnessed the flourishing growth of online delivery sites like PurelyFresh and honestbee. Cash back startups like ShopBack and EBates weren’t too shabby, either. Now that 2016 is almost half gone, we figured it would be fitting to take a look at a list of startups that are set to achieve exponential success.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect:


singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Bolt

Brain Pickings founder Maria Popova says it best, “The Internet is a messy and distracting place.”

But it’s not about clearing the internet up. The million dollar question is, how do you make a brand or product stand out from stiff competition? Two words: powerful storytelling.

Enter Bolt, a content marketing startup that matches businesses with content creators to create projects to gain traction and build brand equity. Currently in the beta stage, Bolt is not to be missed if you want to boost your brand’s message in the digital age.

Zap Delivery

singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Zap Delivery

Waiting for your package to arrive can cause extreme pacing and nail biting, especially when you have spent hundreds of dollars on it. One startup is pledging to change that, and it’s none other than Zap Delivery.

Adding Zap Delivery in this list was a no-brainer — this multi million dollar business grew from 0 to 1000 couriers in a matter of five months!

Aimed to deliver goods to your doorstep within two hours, it’s the courier company to keep your eyes peeled for. With its high standards and transparency approach, Zap Delivery is on its way to the top.

Good Food Heals

singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Good Food Heals

Our favourite probiotic girl, Valerie, is back with a new business venture.

Called The Probiotic Bar, it’s a bento fast food joint recently opened at The Arcade. Valerie’s “new adventure in this delicious revolution” is one of the favourite hot spots of health food enthusiasts.

If her name sounds familiar, that’s because back on March 2015, Vulcan Post interviewed her on her secret on staying flu-free for nine years. Ever heard of the phrase, “You are what you eat?” It’s true.


singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Visual Hunt

Question: what’s the most expensive country to buy a car? If you answered Singapore, well done. You’ve been reading up on the newspapers.

Tribecar, a startup Vulcan Post featured last month, is the path-breaker in our daily commute. For as low as $2 per hour, their cars can be used for leisure or as a flexible side gig to earn extra income.

Ever since Tribecar was featured on national publications, they’ve been experiencing a surge in sign-ups. It’d be interesting to see where 2016 takes them.


singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Creopop

CreoPop is enjoying massive success in Singapore. Dubbed as “the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink”, it’s a venture-backed startup based in our sunny shores.

It’s evident from the beginning that CreoPop is — as cliche as it sounds — destined for success. Two years ago, it raised over 400% of its goal on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and it was shortlisted as one of the 48 finalists in the SXSW accelerator competition.

An impressive feat, considering they competed against close to 500 applicants.


singapore startups 2016
Image credit: airfrov

Picture it.

You order a batch of hair products at an America online store and just when you click the ‘Checkout’ button, you balk at the exorbitant shipping fee. Does this happen to you? Isn’t it ridiculous that these delivery charges cost more than the item itself?

One startup by the name of airfrov is changing this exact shopping predicament. The premise is simple: the startup gets frequent travellers to buy your overseas products — only this time around it minuses the heavy shipping cost.


singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Tutate

There are dozens of assessment books in the market and more often than not, picking a suitable one for your child is frustrating, not to mention time-consuming.

Tutate, a startup we covered a year ago, is set to disrupt the education space. Here’s the lowdown: it creates customised worksheets based on a child’s specific learning needs. A parent can mark their assignments either by creating an account, or making use of the database of qualified tutors.

Singapore’s education system is rigid and competitive. Suffice to say, many parents and tutors have great hopes for Tutate.


singapore startups 2016
Image credit: Venn

The job hunt process is icky, lonely, and miserable.

But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Take Venn, for instance. The job portal startup eliminates the annoyance one gets when mindlessly exploring a plethora of jobs he or she may not even be suited for in the first place.

With Venn, all applicants have to do is tackle a questionnaire on their preferred culture and office environment, and the startup will do the rest of the grunt work to create a personalised menu of jobs for them to choose from.

It’s a piece of cake.

Venn goes live on Monday (16th May 2016), so mark your calendar!


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