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As a young adult trying to make my way in the world, I’ve started picking up the bad habit of not eating meals on time. Jon Lai had a similar issue. 

Busy building up his career at the time, he would often treat lunch as breakfast. Eventually this led to him having stomach pain issues. 

His doctors gave him some long-term medication to help, but Jon became dissatisfied with the taste of Western medicine. Not only that, but he became worried about the side effects it would bring in the future. 

Then one day, while searching for a more natural remedy, he stumbled upon Gastro-AD. It was the answer to his prayers, easing his stomach pains after a week of consumption. 

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So what else was he to do but start Nattome Sdn Bhd, a company dedicated to sharing this with others facing the same health problem as him?

A fermented soy-based solution

It was while visiting an expo in Switzerland with his friend that Jon came across Gastro-AD. Hailing from Denmark, Gastro-AD is a soy-based natto extract using Japanese fermentation technology.

To put it simply, it’s a natural food supplement produced by fermenting soy using a bacteria called Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. delbrueckii

According to Lallemand Inc., a Canadian company that conducts R&D on yeast and bacteria, Gastro-AD is clinically proven to relieve and prevent heartburn symptoms as well as gastric upset, vomiting, and nausea.

But that’s not what Nattome sells, though. Jon’s company actually formulated powdered soybean supplements using Gastro-AD as one of its key ingredients.

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To further assist in digestive health, the brand also added digestive enzymes to ease the process of breaking down nutrients. This would help in the body’s absorption of nutrients to produce energy, and repair and maintain our physical health.

In the name of gut health

So what exactly are Nattome’s supplements? 

“We would normally describe our products as a nutritional drink that can take care of gut health,” Jon explained. 

Currently, there are only two products available—Nattome Stomach Food and Nattome Repair and Relief. Both of them are used to solve indigestion, relieve bloatedness, and acid reflux. But the way you consume them and their purpose differs slightly.

As a daily supplement, Nattome Stomach Food acts as a light pre-breakfast drink that forms a protective layer for the gut. To drink it, you’ll have to mix it with water that’s below 40°C. It comes in two flavours, soy and oat.

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On the other hand, Nattome Repair and Relief is a ready-to-eat product that’s more of an immediate remedy. It comes in a refreshing mint flavour and is said to be a quick 10-minute relief solution.

Solving indigestion across all ages

As someone who occasionally suffers from heartburn, the products definitely intrigued me. To also learn that Nattome has acquired 50,000 customers over three years added to that curiosity.

However, the prices of the products are on the higher end. Notable brands that have products targeting similar issues sell them on average for RM36 to RM145, coming in both bottled capsule and liquid form.

Nattome Stomach Food and Nattome Repair and Relief come in a box of 15 sachets, and each has a price tag of RM200 per box, excluding shipping rates that are calculated upon checkout. 

However, for two boxes, which is a month’s worth of supply, the company is currently selling them for RM279. There are also more bundle promotions, such as four boxes for RM499, and six boxes for RM749.

Editor’s note: The paragraph above has been edited to reflect greater accuracy.

Considering this, the brand’s current target audience is those between 30 to 55 years old, an age group that I would believe tends to earn more income. I think that people in this age group are typically more willing to invest more in supplements they believe will be kinder to their bodies too.

Though that doesn’t mean that only people within this age group can drink Nattome’s products.

Image Credit: Nattome

Jon explained that Nattome is suitable for everyone to consume. “There are no age restrictions. It’s safe for children and the elderly to consume, even pregnant women too.”

This is because its products are not medicine but additional health supplements. “All of our products are made from natural and food-grade ingredients,” he reiterated.

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And in this manner, the brand claims that there are zero side effects to consumers. 

To ensure that its products meet the necessary health requirements, Nattome has its own in-house consultant with a degree in Dietetics. She’s in charge of customer health consultations and takes part in advising the R&D process.

Dreams of relieving stomach discomfort worldwide

Now, I’m usually a sceptical person and I can understand being wary of supplements that are new to the market. 

But from the online reviews Nattome has received on Google and Facebook, it seems that the brand has made a positive impact on its customer’s lives.

Prior to this, they had been focusing on marketing mainly to the Chinese market, which is probably why I’ve never seen their ads before. 

Image Credit: Nattome

This is something they’re hoping to change by slowly penetrating into other markets and bringing awareness to the effects of Gastro-AD. 

For now, Nattome’s products are being sold on their website and Shopee, and in-store at its 23 authorised retailers that include pharmacies, organic stores, and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) shops. 

As for their long-term plans, Jon disclosed that they’d like to expand into doing international exports. “We’d like to enter the Southeast Asian market to let more and more people know Nattome and help relieve their stomach discomfort.”

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