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Sugirl Desserts is a delightful venture that’s not just about satisfying cravings but also about weaving stories through every bite.

Founded by Carmen Yong and Edmund, two dynamic entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds, Sugirl Desserts has quickly carved a niche for itself in the competitive landscape of local desserts.

Carmen, armed with over a decade of experience in the banking sector across Malaysia and Singapore, made a bold leap into entrepreneurship, leveraging her expertise in events management to establish CY Events Management Company.

Meanwhile, Edmund brought his entrepreneurial acumen from co-founding ChubbeeCloud, a snack gifting company that was known for its gourmet marshmallows.

Together, they embarked on a journey fueled by passion, resilience, and a shared vision to redefine Malaysian desserts.

As the events industry ground to a halt during the COVID-19 movement control order (MCO) years ago, they turned to their passion for desserts, sparking the sweet beginnings of Sugirl Desserts.

From pantry to outlets

Their journey began modestly, in the confines of their company pantry, where they dabbled in crafting desserts that would soon win over hearts.

It wasn’t long before their creations, delivered with love and a sprinkle of innovation, garnered an enthusiastic response from dessert enthusiasts across the Klang Valley.

Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

Driven by a desire to offer something beyond the ordinary, Carmen and Edmund identified a gap in the market.

Traditional desserts were aplenty, but there was a thirst for modern interpretations that stayed true to local flavours. Thus, Sugirl Desserts was born—a fusion of tradition and innovation, with each bite telling a story of Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage.

From humble beginnings, Sugirl Desserts has blossomed into a sensation, with four outlets in Midvalley, 1Utama, IOI City Mall, and Setia City Mall.

1 Utama and IOI City Mall outlets / Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

Sweet offerings with a local twist

Their menu is a tantalising tapestry of flavours, drawing inspiration from diverse culinary traditions while staying rooted in Malaysian tastes.

One of their most beloved creations, the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ pays homage to Malaysia’s vibrant spirit of unity. With seasonal cempedak, red sago, and blue heart jelly, the brand positions it as more than a dessert; it’s a celebration of diversity, served with a side of patriotism.

Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

They also have a knack for turning local fruits into decadent delights such as Caramelised Banana Sago with Biscoff. Their signature Durian Galaxy dessert is a nod to the iconic roadside cendol, complementing the bold flavours of the king of fruits.

“These unique offerings showcase our commitment to preserving local heritage and our ability to cater to evolving consumer preferences with inventive and delectable treats.”

“By infusing modern twists and premium ingredients, we transform familiar flavours into luxurious experiences that appeal to contemporary tastes,” Carmen told Vulcan Post.

Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

Sugirl Desserts doesn’t stop at just desserts. They recently ventured into pre-packaged marshmallows featuring flavours that resonates with Malaysians.

Although it feels like a throwback to ChubbeeCloud, the founder told us that it’s merely a small project for now, with their primary focus being Sugirl Desserts as a whole.

“We decided to introduce pre-packed marshmallows instead of other snacks due to the perceived gap in the marshmallow market and the versatility of this dessert snack,” she said.

For now, they offer four flavours that evoke nostalgic narratives unique to Malaysian culture—Pak Onde (pandan coconut), Aunty Hainan (chicken floss rice pop), Ms Rosie (lychee rose) and Kopi Boy (coffee chocolate chip).

Sugirl Desserts’ new venture, pre-packaged marshmallows / Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

Despite being exclusive to their outlets only, plans are underway to make their flavoured marshmallows accessible to a wider audience, spreading sweetness far and wide.

Sweet challenges & aspirations 

Their journey hasn’t been without challenges, but Carmen and Edmund have faced them head-on, buoyed by the support of mentors and the warmth of their loyal customers. 

Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

“Our relative newness in the field meant that we lacked the established networks, brand recognition, and industry experience that many of our competitors possessed.”

“This made it challenging to gain traction, attract customers, and differentiate ourselves effectively,” Carmen shared.

However, their collaborations with brands like BYD and Love Bonito have only fueled their ambition to become the foremost destination for modern local desserts in Malaysia.

As they look to the future, Carmen and Edmund envision Sugirl Desserts not just as a culinary hotspot but as a cultural ambassador, showcasing the rich tapestry of Malaysian flavours to the world.

With their sights set on the expansion of more outlets and innovation, they’re ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead, one sweet treat at a time.

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Featured Image Credit: Sugirl Desserts

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