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Last week, Vulcan Post have interviewed more interesting personalities, one of which is Tom Kalinske, who has been CEO of various mega companies such as SEGA America and Leapfrog. Also, for the third in our Apps I Live By series, our writer Dawn spoke to the CEO of All Deals Asia, Goh Yiping. In Malaysia, the 2014 Digi WWWOW Awards were recently over and we contacted the winners to ask them about their work. Writer Allison Goh interviewed 4Charity, a website who brings charity to whole new level of convenience; and comic artist Leong Jin Onn, who talks about her secrets to success.

Other news foresee a bullet train to be built, connecting Malaysia and Singapore in mere 90 minutes! Also, transportation service UberX is apparently insanely cheap in Malaysia and in Johor, Uber is offering free rides for everyone!

Those are just some of the juicy news that were published last week, haven’t heard of some of them? Then it’s time for you to get updated!

Exclusive Interviews With Awesome People:

Tom Kalinske, former CEO Sega of America
Tom Kalinske, former CEO Sega of America

View From The Top: Tom Kalinske And His Midas Touch On Barbie, SEGA, And LeapFrog

From Professional Poker To EasyVan, CEO Shingyuk Chow Aspires To Revolutionize Logistics

Apps I Live By: All Deals Asia CEO, Goh Yiping

Groupon S’pre Co-Founder Launches AirClick To Help You Find The Perfect Photographer!

4Charity: Contributing To Charity Has Never Been Easier, Right At Your Fingertips

‘Pocotee Is A Reflection Of Myself’: Comic Artist Leong Jin Onn Shares Her Secrets To Success

You’ll Never Miss A Single Video Game Again With This Interactive Game Release Calendar!

[WOW] Singapore-Made TouchPico Projector Transforms Any Wall Into A Touchscreen!

Opinion Pieces Worth Reading:


[COMICS] What Really Happens On A Guy’s Night Out. You Really Should Know.

Top 5 Free Android Games For ANY Smartphone, Even Low-End Ones!

Follow These 7 Incredible Photographers On Instagram If You Want To See The World!

Cybercriminals Are Targeting Singaporeans, Here Are 4 Ways To Stay Safe

Practice These Regularly To Go From Nomophobia To No More Phobia!

News And Interesting Scoops From Malaysia:

Image Credit: Weehingthong.wordpress
Image Credit: Weehingthong.wordpress

Malaysia And Singapore To Be Connected By A 90-Minute Bullet Train!

Malaysians Now Have Another Music Streaming Site To Choose From: Guvera

How Cheap Is UberX In Malaysia? “Insanely” Cheap.

Enough Is Enough. Malaysian Twitter Users Want Political Crisis In Selangor To End.

5 Out Of 8 M’sians Said It’s Hard To Find A Trusted Car Workshop. Carama Can Help.

Uber Sneaks Into Johor, Offers Free Rides For Everyone!

News Related to Phones and Gadgets:

image credit: pouch @ drink up philippines
image credit: pouch @ drink up philippines

Pouch By S’pore’s EasyTouch Explores The Party Scene With New Bracelet Technology

Wait, Monsters Inc. Technology Could Be Used To Charge Your Smartphones?

Love Reading? You’ll Love Samsung And Nook’s New E-Book Reader

Comfort Taxi Drivers Now Have A New ‘Third Eye’, Making Roads Safer Than Before

Rumour Has It That Amazon’s Drones Are To Fly In India, And Why It Makes Sense

Social Media and App Related News:

Image Credit: Bidness ETC
Image Credit: Bidness ETC

This App Is Making Young People With Phones Extremely Frustrated. Find Out Why.

Tom Hanks Shares His Love For Typewriters By Launching An App For Apple iPad!

Twitter To Rethink Harassment Policies After Zelda Williams Abuse

Mobile Phone Company Cherry Mobile To Fill Its AppShop With 100% Pinoy Games

New App Truth Allows iOS Users To Send Anonymous Texts, But No Cyberbullying Allowed.

Love Snapchat? Snapchat May Have A New Service That Features News Content And Ads

There’s An “Uber” Button On Your TripAdvisor App Now!

Videos You Should Totally Watch:

Image Credit: Gamer Fuzion
Image Credit: Gamer Fuzion

The Sims Are Back, And They’re More Real Than Ever!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hype!

Oppo Find 7a Review!

S’pore’s Smart Future Looks Amazing, But Should We Be Worried About Our Privacy?

[WOW] The 5 Best Tech Titan’s Ice Bucket Challenge Will Leave You Wanting More

From Shiggy Shay To Charlie Sheen, 5 Videos That Will Make You Go ‘What On Earth?’

Other News To Catch Up On:

ice bucket challenge SG

Ice Bucket Challenge Hits Singapore, Even Singapore Minister Is On Board!

AirAsia Singapore Explores LINE Official Account As New Outreach Channel!

Philippine Taxi Operators Charge Uber With ‘Colorum’ Operations

After 2 Decades, The Inventor Of Annoying Pop-Up Ads Has Finally Apologized

This Chart Shows It All: The World Internet Usage Is Moving Towards Smartphones!


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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(UEN 201431998C.)