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Hello, everyone and Happy Monday! This is the month of Halloween and although I’m not sure why people would pay money to get themselves freaked out, lots of people do love to go to haunted houses such as the one in Universal Studios Singapore. However, you should read about the ugly truth that the scare actors and actresses have to go through while trying to entertain customers.

Other than paying to scream, Singaporeans also have the option of paying money to lock themselves up in a room and then attempt to get out. We find out more about the Escape Rooms, an experiential entertainment that is increasing in terms of popularity.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is just recently launched in Malaysia, Malaysians still have to wait for the Apple iPhone 6 to reach its shores and local telco Maxis has gotten everyone hyped up with their own guessing game. On the other hand, Apple has already announced the soon-to-be-launched new Apple products and our writer stayed up late to watch the live stream so you don’t have to! Another good news is that Singaporeans won’t have to wait long because the Apple iPad Air 2 sales will begin this week.

Well, I think you know what time it is, time to get updated!

Exclusive Interviews With Awesome People:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.20.29 AM

Restaurants Turn To E-Menus To Become Cheaper, Better, And Faster – And It’s Working

S’pore Attractions Dull In Appeal – Blame It On The Rise Of Escape Rooms

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This Website Is For Students Who Want To Hack Their Way To Scholarships!

Apps I Live By: Deezer’s Head Of Label Relations For Asia And Oceania, Dona Inthaxoum

GeckoLife’s Founders On Protecting Children On A Family-Safe Social Platform

MyTrafficCam Lends Eyes To Monitor SG-JB Border Traffic From Your Smartphone

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I Go Two Days Eating Nothing But Juices – Here’s What I Found Out

How To Protect Your LINE account From Getting Hacked

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[COMICS] Dating App Tinder Can Reveal Your Real Location. Here is How.

[CEO Series] Do Not Let Outdated HR Policies Kill And Stifle Company Growth

To Fridays: #5 — “This Hope is Treacherous”

News And Interesting Scoops From Singapore:

Image Credit: blog.dk.sg
Image Credit: blog.dk.sg

Scare Actress Speaks Out Against Irresponsible Halloweeners: Shoved, Slapped, and Almost Lit On Fire.

S’pore’s LoveByte Couples With Social App Migme In An Adorable Union!

Our Budgets Don’t Stand A Chance Against Japanese Fashion Giant JRunway’s New Online Store

Prime Minister Lee Served By Flying Drones, May Be Singapore’s Next Food Industry Staple

Lunch Actually Adds S’pore Dating App LOLA Into Its Arsenal To Spread The Love!

S’poreans Won’t Have To Wait Long: iPad Air 2 To Begin Sales Next Week

News And Interesting Scoops From Malaysia:


Maxis’ Seemingly Misleading #Nextbigthing Teaser Is Finally Cracked

UMobile: The Impossible Dream Of Streaming Videos Without Using Up Data Comes True

Get Your Tesco Groceries Online And Pay For It Easily With Plug N Pay

Nando’s Malaysia Wants You To Be Rewarded (And Healthy!) With Its New App

Malaysia Suffers Social Media Abuse, Responds By Blocking Over 1,400 Sites

News Related to Phones and Gadgets:

Image Credit: cbc.ca
Image Credit: cbc.ca

A Summary Of Announcements From Apple’s October Event

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) Says No To Flying Cars

Are You Ready For The $40 Smartphones From India?

A Computer Could Steal Your Job, And Only You Can Save It

Over-Extreme? Some People Are Choosing Technology Over Food

[REVIEW] Nexus 6 and Nexus 9

Tampon Run May Sound Ridiculous, But This Game Packs A Powerful Message

Social Media and App or Website Related News:

Image Credit: Health & Fitness
Image Credit: Health & Fitness

5 Awesome Weight Loss Apps To Get You In Shape For The Holiday Season!

Don’t Let its Name Deceive You, New App PHHHOTO Is Actually Pretty Amazing

India’s Ziffi Brings Healthcare And Leisure To Your Fingertips

Blinkist Lets You Finish An Entire Book In Less Than 15 Minutes

Other News To Catch Up On:

Image Credit: Fit for Fashion
Image Credit: Fit for Fashion

Get “Fit for Fashion” With A Unique New Reality TV Show!

CyanogenMod Goes Mainstream In India With Micromax Smartphone

Music Streaming Site Deezer Has Been Busy: Partners With Bose And Revamps New Site!

From Paper To Digital: E-Peso Pushes To Become Legal Tender For Internet Transactions In The Philippines

This Ad Stunt By The North Face Will Make You Want To Leap Into Your Next Adventure


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