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Is it just me, or are fathers notoriously difficult to shop for? Every year when June rolls around, I’m always wracking my head to think of something that my dad would appreciate.

Sometimes, I just end up buying him coffee and cakes (which he actually just passes to my mom anyway. It’s the thought that counts, I suppose). But this year, I’m determined to get him something that’s actually useful, and maybe you could use a helping hand too.

So, here’s a list of gifts available on VP Label that you can get for your dad this Father’s Day. We’d bet there’s at least one thing that he’ll enjoy from this list.

For the bearded fathers

Image Credit: Beard.On

If your dad sports a beard, this is for him. Beard.On is a men’s grooming brand that sells products such as beard oils, hair serums, hair clay, soaps, aftershave, and more.  

With the tagline of “Keep It Simple, Keep It Manly”, this brand makes a good fit for dads who want to upkeep a majestic mane like founder Jeremy Raj, who left his bank job when his superior told him the beard had to go for the sake of “professionalism”.

For your dad to enjoy a range of Beard.On products, there are combo packs available that include a beard oil, charcoal beard balm, and beard face charcoal soap, which retails for RM142.50 on VP Label.

Shop Beard.On’s grooming products on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For desk-bound dads

Image Credit: Alterseat

Before your dad goes back to work after Father’s Day, gift him with an ergonomic chair from Alterseat to make sure his posture is taken care of.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to make users feel comfortable even after sitting in them for an extended period of time.

If your dad works a desk job, this chair makes for a great investment. Take it from me—our office now uses Alterseat chairs and it’s definitely a lot better than the rigid plastic ones I have at home.

Alterseat’s chairs come at different price points from RM309.99 to RM1,419.90, so pick one out based on your budget and give your dad the gift of comfort.

Shop Alterseat’s furniture on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For the tech-savvy fathers

Dads who use electronics will benefit from Charby’s electronic accessories. These accessories are sleek and simple to use, so even fathers who aren’t exactly a tech extraordinaire can use them too.

The MagSafe Kickstand Wallet is ideal for dads who like to watch videos or hop on video calls on the go. It’s made with durable and smooth vegan leather for a sleek look and feel.

The RM59 accessory can even hold three cards and banknotes while snapping on and off easily with its magnets. Just make sure your dad’s using a phone that’s compatible with it.

Shop Charby’s accessories on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For active dads

Image Credit: BikeBaju

Founded by a cyclist, BikeBaju is a cycling apparel brand that features vivid, locally inspired patterns. Out with the boring cycling gear with subtle colour blocking—bright, colourful batik cycling jerseys are here to take their place.

BikeBaju is perfect for fathers who cycle and are open to broadening their wardrobes. If you think your dad prefers classic designs, there’s also the BrightBaju design, which features a minimalistic, black-and-white geometric pattern.

The cycling apparel is on sale for RM260 on VP Label.

Shop BikeBaju’s apparel on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For dads who like to cook

Image Credit: KampongKu

Dads who enjoy cooking and eating will likely be appeased by KampongKu’s instant noodles that feature authentic Malaysian flavours.

Flavours include Garlic Black Pepper Fried Noodles, Mamak Fried Noodles, and Curry Seafood Fried Noodles. These instant noodles can also be great gifts for dad who aren’t the best chefs, as the flavours already do much of the heavy lifting.

For those who do like to cook for their families though, KampongKu’s ready-to-cook sauces for asam laksa, curry, and other dishes, would make good gifts too.

KampongKu offers different packs on VP Label from RM46 to RM64.

Shop KampongKu’s products on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For dads who work outdoors

Image Credit: Herbbies

At the risk of generalising, fathers are typically not the demographic for skincare products. But maybe it’s time to give it a shot.

Herbbies is a Malaysian natural skincare brand designed for people with sensitive skin. The team is trained in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine and educated on Malaysian local herbs. In fact, most of the herbs are harvested directly from the founder’s dad’s herb farm in Klang.

Herbbies features a range of products such as soothing treatment balms and mists, as well as facial and body oils. If your dad is often exposed to the elements, the RM66.93 CARE Facial & Body Oil may be a good fit, as it protects the user’s skin against harsh external environments and harsh allergens.

Shop Herbbies on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For dads who like to expand their liquor palate

Image Credit: ReissJaden

If your dad enjoys trying out various drinks, he may enjoy trying out the different unique flavours available at ReissJaden, a brand of natural wines and liqueurs made in Malaysia.

The All-In-One Bundle, available on VP Label for RM345, makes for a perfect taster set. It features the Coffee Liqueur, Ginger Wine, Ginger Lemon Wine, Lemon Wine, and Pineapple Wine.

The Coffee Liqueur in particular may make for an intriguing gift as it can be blended with fresh milk for a unique drink. Just note that as a liqueur, this means it has the highest alcohol content out of the other drinks, with 40% at 700ml.

Shop ReissJaden’s wines and liqueur on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For health-conscious dads

Image Credit: Advanx Health

Give your dad the opportunity to take charge of his health with Advanx Health’s genetic screening services. The DNA Explorer Prime is a wellness test that will provide insight as to how you can live a healthier life based on your genomic data.

At RM999, the kit will give you access to 124 comprehensive reports on your dad’s predisposition for health conditions and nutrition, fitness, inner potentials, allergy, and weight management traits.

From there, quick action can be taken on any underlying conditions for him to improve his health.

Shop Advanx Health’s kits on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For sleep-loving dads

Your dad deserves restful sleep, and you can give him that with this specially engineered pillow from GIRAFthepillow.

These composite pillows are partly inspired by Formula 1 racecar seats, which moulds according to a person’s body. The materials and design of the pillow have also been fine-tuned by a posture expert with certification from the American Posture Institute.

On top of this, the pillow uses breathable high-wicking materials that draw moisture away to give a cooling effect. It’s ideal for our humid weather.

The pillow is available on VP Label for RM379.

Shop GIRAFthepillow’s composite pillow on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For dads who need some pampering

If your dad is still wary of moisturisers and serums, perhaps sheet masks are a friendlier ease into the skincare game. Your dad could use some sheet masks from B&B Labs in his skincare regime (if he even has one).

There are four types of masks to choose from, depending on your dad’s skin type. The sets come with a 3-in-1 cleanser as well to make sure he has a clean base to start with.

If you think your dad is still hesitant about putting on a sheet mask, perhaps the founder Julius being a man too could convince him otherwise. Skincare is for everyone!

Shop B&B Labs’ sheet masks on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

For dads who have it all

Go back to basics and buy your dad a… toothbrush? Well, not just any toothbrush, but a sonic toothbrush from Brudee to be specific.

(Full disclosure, a number of my colleagues are avid fans of Brudee’s toothbrushes after making their purchases, and have even influenced their friends and families to make purchases too. So far, they’ve all enjoyed having cleaner teeth with less effort.)

Capable of rotating up to 32,000 strokes per minute, Brudee’s Sonic ONE Toothbrush will make for a sleek addition to your dad’s bathroom and lifestyle. It comes in silver, grey, and pink.

The One-Year Pack is on sale for RM261.60 on VP Label and comes with one year’s worth of refills. Maybe next year’s gift could be even more refills?

Shop Brudee’s sonic toothbrushes on VP Label at an exclusive price now:

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Featured Image Credit: Beard.On / BikeBaju / Alterseat

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