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Published 2014-07-04 14:30:49

Ever wondered what your co-workers think of you? Ever wanted to let your colleagues know what you think of them but dare not tell it to their face? Well now you have the perfect solution.

Claiming to bring personality to the Internet, the mobile app Knozen offers a unique way for co-workers to show how they feel towards one another. Almost like workplace version of Hot or Not, Knozen pits two random co-workers against each other and the user has to answer a question by voting for either one of them. Then the results will show how many co-workers agree or disagree with your choice.

Image Credit: Knozen
Image Credit: Knozen

Founded by former Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella, Knozen is meant to be a kind of “personality API” that reflects how you represent yourself to others, in a non-creepy way.

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“What we’ve learned so far is that people are really interested in what people are like, and what people think about them. Knozen is a positive way  to share those interests.”

— Cenedella, Founder of Knozen

The questions asked are supposedly designed to be ‘positive’ such as, “Which person is friendlier?” or, “Who would leave work early for a date?” So fortunately, there will be no questions comparing physical appearances between colleagues. However, although the questions themselves seem harmless, users could rate colleagues that they like over the ones that they dislike.  Each time a user gets rated, a notification will be sent to the user.

Each user will have a profile which has a compilation of poll ratings, showing their strongest traits, habits, and characteristics. To protect the users’ identity, there has to be a minimum of seven people from a company to sign up for a Knozen account.

Knozen has already received a total of $2.25 million in funding, backed up by several big shots, namely Rick Heitzmann from FirstMark; Eric Hippeau and Ben Lerer from Lerer Ventures; and David Tisch from Box Group. Launched in the Apple store last week, Knozen is still unavailable in certain regions but hopefully it will be available for Android soon as well.

Image Credit: Business Insider
Image Credit: Business Insider

As for its advantages and disadvantages, while some sensitive people may take the rating results a little bit to heart and some minor office drama may be sparked; but on the other hand, users can use the results to see what their top traits are and where they can still strive to improve.

As long as Knozen is used for fun, learning and self-improvement, it should be well-received among fellow co-workers.

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