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Hi there, readers. We had a very sad start last week with the sudden news of Robin Williams untimely demise. Williams had been suffering from depression for a long time now and his death shows us the dark and scary side of depression. As tribute, we’ve compiled five videos to remind everyone that he was more than just a movie star. Rest in peace, Robin Williams, you will be greatly missed.

For the second article in our series of Apps I Live By, Vulcan Post had the honour of interviewing TripAdvisor’s APAC mobile partnership director, Andreas Behrens! Also, Vulcan TV stepped into the office of online food delivery site foodpanda and filmed the 6th episode of the office tour series. Thank you, TripAdvisor and foodpanda!

Over in Malaysia, we’ve had some exciting news about AirAsia offering in-flight Wi-Fi services. Malaysia Day is coming up and everyone can vote for the best doodle which will be shown on the Google Malaysia homepage on September 16th!

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Exclusive Interviews With Awesome People

Photos we took at foodpanda's office!
Photos we took at foodpanda’s office!

Vulcan TV Episode 6 With Online Food Delivery Site foodpanda!

Apps I Live By: TripAdvisor’s APAC Mobile Partnerships Director, Andreas Behrens

Shop For Good With These Beautiful Handcrafted Saught jewellery by Project Skillseed

Grain Wants To Be The Uber For Healthy Food In Singapore’s CBD Area!

Violet Lim, CEO of Lunch Actually

News Related to Phones and Gadgets:

Image Credit: Twitter (translated)
Image Credit: Twitter (translated)

Apple Reportedly Gets Government Approval To Sell Apple’s iPhone 6 In Thailand!

Google Maps Could Be Embedded in Your Shoes?!

Digital Tattoos: So Near In Our Future We Can ‘Feel’ It

Check Out This Smart Protection Device That Syncs To Your Phone

More Electric Vehicles Will Roam S”pore’s Streets With New Electric Vehicle Network

This Behavioral Wearable Will Actually Shock You Into Having Good Habits!

Rise And Shine, These Gadgets Work Better Than Standard Alarm Clocks!

Social Media and App Related News:

Image Credit: GabiFresh
Image Credit: GabiFresh

#Fatkini Hashtag Proves That Fat Is Not A Dirty Word..Or Is It?

Top Tweets For #NPD2014 Worth Reading As Singapore Celebrated Its 49th Birthday!

Nanu Is A New Free Voice Call App Made In Singapore, Claims To Be Better Than Skype!

Singapore Changi Hospital Launches New App For Nurses To Converse In Local Dialects!

Newly Revamped Couple App LoveByte Lets You Check Your Partner’s Phone Battery!

Facebook Messenger: “Why Does Everyone Hate Me? I’ve Been Around Since 2011!”

LINE Is About To Bring New Apps Specially Tailored For The Philippines

JPark’s Cebu Travel Guide App Is The “Swiss Army Knife Of Travel Guides”

Google-backed Luxury Private Chauffeur App Uber Rides Into Jakarta

News And Interesting Scoops From Malaysia

Image Credit: The Rakyat Post via AirAsia
Image Credit: The Rakyat Post via AirAsia

Now Everyone Can Wi-Fly (Fi) With AirAsia!

Vote For Malaysia’s Next Top Doodle For Google Malaysia!

D-Box, The New Immersive Movie Experience Is Now In Malaysia!

Malaysia Might Be Banning Facebook, In The Spotlight Again For The Wrong Reason.

Check Out These Successful Kickstarters From Malaysia!

Malaysia’s Restaurant Booking Site TableApp Will Be Available In Penang And Johor Soon!

Other News To Catch Up On:

Gmail Unsubscribe Button. Image Credit: Google+
Gmail Unsubscribe Button. Image Credit: Google+

Google Finally Adds The Killer Gmail Feature We’ve Been Waiting For!

 This Online Virus Abducts Your Files And Demands A Ransom From You

Free WiFi At MRT Stations From Aug 22, 2 Of Which Has New Charging Points Too!

S’pore’s Non-Stop Games Joins Candy Crush Saga Publisher In What Might Be A Bad Time

Be A Toddler And Fight Your Deepest Nightmares In This First Person Horror Game

Singaporean Guy Uses Crowdfunding To Raise Funds For Masters Degree

A Wife Was Fined By Court For Posting Her Honeymoon Pictures On Facebook!

1 in 3 Students In Singapore Have Been Victims Of Cyberbullying


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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(UEN 201431998C.)