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Hello, readers! Hope everyone’s all ready for the end of the first month of 2015!

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong opened his Facebook up to questions last Saturday and we have the highlights from the Q&A  for you. If you aren’t in the mood for anything serious this Monday, here are the funny questions we saw from the Q&A. Singapore babies in 2015 will be getting more gifts starting this year, with additional online vouchers on top of the special commemorative birth certificates and SG50 Baby Jubilee Gifts.

Say goodbye to productivity since Whassap has finally arrive at your desktop, except if you own an iPhone of course. Meanwhile, we got the important bits from the Windows 10 Event that you definitely don’t want to miss. If you’re up for a bit of nostalgia, EA Origin is giving away Theme Hospital for free.

You might like to know that ShipYourEnemiesGlitter has arrived in Asia and was promptly overwhelmed by the response. Curious about the glitterbomb? We were too, so Vulcan Post’s awesome writer, Liang Hwei, sent herself some glitter so nobody else had to.

Exclusive Interviews And News From Singapore:

PM LEE Facebook

Funniest Questions We Saw From PM Lee’s Live Q&A!

S’pore Newborns This Year Are Getting Spoiled With New SG50 Baby Portal

1000 Healthy Snack Boxes In 5 Months, BoxGreen Is Reviving The Subscription Box Market.

ShipYourEnemiesGlitter Comes To Asia – And We’re All Doomed

The Death of LykeStore: A Look At SingTel’s Failed E-Commerce Attempt

PM Lee Invites Questions For Live Q&A Session On Facebook

Gov.Sg’s Tweet Makes S’poreans Cringe In Protest

Singtel Just Unveiled Its New Logo, Here’s What It Looks Like

Apps I Live By: Singapore-Based Media Personality, Jade Seah

[Exclusive] The Singapore-Designed Watch That Reads Time – Backwards

$8 or $18? This Ang Pow Rate Card Will Help You Through Those Tricky Calculations

Singaporeans: Should Short Term Rentals Be Made Legal?

This App Is A Necessity, So Why Aren’t More Singaporeans Using It?

2.5M App Downloads In 2014 Shows That ComfortDelGro Is Still King

Singapore’s PM Lee’s Live Facebook Q&A. Here’s The Recap.

Exclusive Interviews And News From Malaysia:

Image Credit: myBurgerLab Facebook
Image Credit: myBurgerLab Facebook

This Is The World’s Easiest Contest, But No One Is Even Close To Winning It


Financial App Saved 2 Will Banish Your Money Troubles

8 Marriage Proposals In Malaysia Which Will Make You Want To Up Your Game!

#GetFitWithVP: Karen Kho, Lifestyle And Fitness Blogger

10 Best Cold-Pressed Juices In Malaysia

CEO Of HotelQuickly, Tomas Laboutka And The Just Do Something Principle

Opinion Pieces Worth Reading:

Image Credit: news.microsoft.com
Image Credit: news.microsoft.com

8 Updates From The Windows 10 Event You Definitely Do Not Want To Miss

So I Mailed Myself Some Glitter

[Contest] Find A Date In Time For CNY Through The Power Of The Zodiac

Your Next House Could Be 3D Printed – Out Of Waste Products Or Mud!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Bookish Gifts For The Bookworms

How To Use Facebook’s Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts

[Infographic] Could Your Name Determine Your Career? It’s Possible.

The Selfie Stick Will Land You In Trouble In These 8 Places

8 Places To Escape To This Chinese New Year

If You’re Still Using These Passwords, You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself

Han Liguang: Banker-Turned-Chef Sets The Local Food Scene Ablaze At 29

Do You Believe in “The One”?


Social Media And App Related News:

Image Credit: whasapp.com
Image Credit: whasapp.com

Whatsapp Finally Comes To Your Desktop, Unless You Use An iPhone

Spotify’s Touch Preview Will Change The Way We Discover Music

There’s A Vulnerability In Adobe Flash, And Internet Explorer and Firefox Are In Danger

This Is So ‘Fetch’: Mean Girls The Movie Is Getting A Mobile Game

Turn Life Into A Territory Defense Game In The Most Epic Workout Game Ever!

Here’s To Working Smarter On Your Smartphone

News Related To Phones, Gadgets and Games:

Image Credit: Kickstarter
Image Credit: Kickstarter

[Review] Fitbit Zip: A Cheeky Fitness Tracker To Help Keep Your Resolutions

This Kickstarter Raised $100,000 In Under An Hour; You’ll Never Believe What It’s About

Doctor Up: EA Prescribes Theme Hospital For Free!

This Version Of Mario Will Change Your Childhood Forever

Awesome Limited Edition Gold-Plated 3DS XL Released With Majora’s Mask Game

iPad Air 2: Weighing In On Apple’s Thinnest Tablet To Date

Microsoft’s AutoCharge: The Next Big Thing In Wireless Charging?

My Personal iPhone Killer — The HTC One M8

Surviving The Dark: A Persona Q General Guide

Sony Bend Developers Have Something Up Their Sleeve And We Can’t Wait To Find Out

Withings Activité: The Smart Watch That Actually Looks Like A Watch


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